Diesel Additive Review – Best Diesel Additives Reviews

Some vehicle owners may ask what is the use of diesel additives as diesel is a whole component in itself to efficiently run a vehicle. But in the past few decades, the use of diesel additives was found out to help the efficiency of the fuel. It is more economical, additional miles are added in the life of the engine, and the high-reliability factor is also included with the addition of diesel additive.

Best Diesel Additive in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Handling
  • Cold protection
    Cold protection
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
    Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions
    Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions
SYPRIN Diesel Additive
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    0.860 kg
  • Dimensions
    26.4 x 19 x 11.2 cm
  • Handling
    250 ml to 50 litres of fuel
  • Cold protection
  • Key benefits
    Cold protection for the winter
    Highest quality
    Easy and clean handling
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions
Place 2
Stanadyne Performance
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    2.92 kg
  • Dimensions
    21.7 x 20.3 x 16.7 cm
  • Handling
    500 ml to 250 litres of fuel
  • Cold protection
    -22 °C
  • Key benefits
    Cleans & Protects
    Stabilizes Fuel
    Helps Remove Water
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions
Good offer
Lindemann *NEW
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Handling
    1000 ml to 50-100 liters of fuel
  • Cold protection
  • Key benefits
    Diesel Cleaner
    Hot weather protection
    Increases Horsepower
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions

What is Diesel Additive?

It is an additive to diesel to help the engine operate smoothly, making it run more miles and with no troubles to worry you along the way.
Diesel additives are not just available for diesel, but petrol as well. The additional advantage of using diesel additive includes keeping the injectors and intake valves clean, plus the carburetors. There is also an efficient removal of water from the fuel system with the help of diesel additive.


Diesel Additive and how they are used?

Diesel Additive and how they are used?The liquid is added to the fuel tank when it is full. The fuel will dilute the additive and will flow along the fuel lines with the help of the fuel pump, then directs to the combustion chamber, injectors, carburetor, while cleaning the path where it flows on. Diesel additives have more advantages when used with a high mileage engine that hasn’t been cleaned or filtered with regular maintenance for a long time.

Users of diesel additives on their engine notice a difference in their fuel usage and swear that there is an increased mile with the same amount of fuel used before the addition of diesel additives.


  • Many users notice savings in their fuel usage.
  • Prevent you from spending money with fuel injection replacement.
  • It kept clean the fuel mechanism of vehicles using diesel as fuel.
  • Using diesel additives will reduce carbon buildup of older model cars.
  • Cleans the injector tips, fuel lines, tank as well as the cylinder of your vehicle.
  • Increases the life span of your engine, which will not require you to spend on too much maintenance.
  • It improves engine performance as the temperature and velocity, improve, which in turn increases the power capacity as well.
  • Vehicle maintenance is lessened, and you can drive for a longer period without a need to frequently check the engine.
  • You can also drive during winter because of the diesel fuel additive.


  • Fuel additives may have some chemicals which are harmful to the environment.
  • If used improperly, diesel additives may cause you more harm than good.
  • You may need to spend money on it from time to time, but it is still a wise investment compared to frequent maintenance.
  • It may even cause issues with your engine if you put an incompatible diesel fuel additive.

What types of Diesel Additive are there?

What types of Diesel Additive are there?Cetane Boosters – this component swears on improving fuel combustion while reducing the ignition delay time. Cetane also improves or cut off smoke emissions and deposits. Fuel consumption slows down, and you get additional fuel to use, eventually.

Fuel Stabilizers – It can maintain the quality of your diesel and prevent breakdown, degradation, and oxidation. With frequent use, diesel usually degrades, or oxidizes, and the diesel is not as primed as before.

Corrosion inhibitors – this component can intercept the crystallized salt that is the cause of the water found in diesel, which crystallizes in the long run. This crystallization can also lead to rusting and corrosions. Corrosion inhibitors most often had metal and alloy chemical ingredients or compounds.

Fuel injector detergents – Diesel can also accumulate molds, bacteria, or other deposits. With the help of fuel, injector detergent can clean up the dirt that is causing the blockage on the injector nozzle of your vehicle. The other engine parts that are also exposed to diesel also get clean in the process.

Anti-Gel Additives – This additive is best used around extremely cold areas. As the diesel fuel filter gets blocked because of the accumulated wax or gel in the diesel. This additive will make sure that the gel-like consistency of the diesel during cold weather will not affect the vehicle.

This is what we check in Diesel Additive Reviews

This is what we check in Diesel Additive ReviewsDiesel additives may work for some engines, but not to other vehicles. Where some people will swear to its effectiveness and maybe scoff at by some people. Here, we have checked the materials used in the production of diesel additives plus the pricing of the product. The longevity, as well as the cleaning needed, is reviewed as well.


Diesel additives contain mineral sea oil, glycol alkyl ether, mineral spirits, alkyl aromatic ethoxylated surfactant.


A diesel additive will be good for a year. So if you are having a yearly maintenance and an overall check-up on your vehicle, another thing to add on your list is the diesel additive. You may ask your vehicle specialist about this so they can advise you further.


You can buy diesel additives from $50 to $150, while some brands may cost more.


There is not much cleaning needed as the product helps clean diesel engines to make it perform as efficiently as ever.

Buying the Diesel Additive

Buying the Diesel AdditiveThere are considerations before you buy a diesel additive for your vehicle. Whether you are buying in a store or online, you need to follow some steps, so you’ll know you are buying the right product for your vehicle.


  • Know what type you need for your vehicle as there is a diesel additive that is dual or has multi-functionality. Before purchase, you need to know what is your preference, so the type of your vehicle and how you use it will also be a factor.
  • What is the type of engine? Some diesel additives are only compatible with a certain engine, so if you buy the wrong one, it may do your engine more harm. Choose the diesel additive that is mostly compatible with different engines and fuel systems.
  • There are environment-friendly diesel additives that can help your engine while you help the environment at the same time. The chemicals used for this diesel additive comply with environmental regulations.
  • Choose diesel additives without alcohol content, as having so can ruin vital engine parts. You can instead opt for diesel additives with detergents.
  • If you are planning to do the diesel additives frequently, you may see for the price of the additives you will pick since it may cause you more in the long run for frequent diesel additive.
  • You can do your homework as well before buying one in the store, check reviews online on what brand has more clamor compared to the other brands of diesel additives.


Online shopping may be the best thing that can happen to those who are not keen on going out and buying products in a physical store.

It is more convenient, easy, and sometimes there are more discounts compared to buying it outside. Here are some considerations when buying diesel additives online.

  • Since information is now at our fingertips, it is easy to check on what products work best for other people’s vehicles. This will help you review and compare the different products used by vehicle owners.
  • Read whatever on the internet this will help you with your decision making regarding what diesel additives to buy.
  • Sometimes you may not be familiar with diesel additives, and what it can do to your engine, so by browsing the net, you can get ideas and knowledge about the entire process.
  • Compare prices as the prices are all available on the net. You can pick the one that fits your budget and will be a big help to your vehicle engine as well.
  • Pick the diesel additives that have the most praise such as it saves the user money with fuel expenses, that it has improved the engine performance, lesser maintenance of the vehicle, the possibility of driving during winter, among others.
  • Buy just the right amount of diesel additives for your engine, and not too much as too many additives may cause your engine a distinct set of problems.

FAQ about the best Diesel Additive

What are the best diesel additives that are for sale in the market?

  1. What are the best diesel additives that are for sale in the market?Stanadyne Performance Formula One-Shot – can be used by a wide variety of vehicles and will not depend on the maker or the year of vehicle production. It can last for a year with the diesel upgraded performance. The increased rate of Cetane is 5%, with a 9.5 gain in MPG.
  2. Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Improver XPD – It enhances the cetane rating, with enhanced lubricant properties. This diesel additive also cleans and protects the fuel system of any vehicle. It can be used to help the engine during cold weather.
  3. Power Service Diesel Kleen – This additive will improve the gas mileage by eight percent and increase the cetane rating by 6. It can be used all year round and is suitable for ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel fuels while it contains a lubricity enhancer. It efficiently cleans and protects your vehicle’s diesel fuel pump and injectors.
  4. Lucas Fuel Treatment– This contains a high quantity of detergents which offers superior cleaning for your engine. Fuel is more economical, and the harmful diesel fuel fumes decrease, plus the low sulfur content compliant with just the minimum allowed.
  5. Red Line 85 Plus – This additive is compatible with many diesel fuels, plus the high capability of this product to lubricate vital components, cylinder walls, injectors, including pumps is of high-quality. Enhances power and the efficiency of fuel are vastly improved. Smoke emission is reduced, and the fuel system stays efficient.

Is it possible for me to over-treat my vehicle with diesel additives?

As the saying goes, anything that is just too much is not good. This usually happens to those vehicles in the high winter area where diesel additive is added more than it should and causes an inverse effect to the engine and the fuel.

Are all diesel additives the same and give equal benefits to users?

Are all diesel additives the same and give equal benefits to users?Not every diesel additives are created equal. They manufacture some brands with the highest standard in check and have vast approval by many of its users. There is also a difference in pricing where some may cost more to purchase than others. It is also wise to ask a specialist on which diesel additive is the best for you to buy or to your peers who have experienced the use of any diesel additive products.

What is a cetane rating?

It indicates the combustibility of the fuel. Cetane is the equivalent in diesel as the gasoline is to octane. It is the measurement of the quality of diesel fuel. Where the higher number shows efficient burning of fuel within the engine. A higher cetane rating results in quicker ignition of your engine’s fuel, which means a quick-start for your vehicle.

Is it wise to buy a diesel additive for my vehicle?

It is not the vehicle that is the issue, but the quality of diesel that we have nowadays; it is not as pure as it was before, and some cause issues with our engine. So, to be sure, buying a diesel additive may be your best idea, yet in caring for your vehicle. Not to mention the price of diesel that keeps on shooting up, and we don’t control it. By having additives to your diesel fuel, you see to your engine’s efficiency and the economical use of fuel.


Diesel additives may be an excellent step in taking care of your engine, as there are many advantages to its use.

It can cause more efficiency in running your vehicle, high savings with the fuel, you need less maintenance and check-up for your vehicle, and the emission made by your vehicle will lessen.

There are the top brands of diesel additives that you can check in the market where some are even environment-friendly and has no harmful chemical content. You will surely not be left without an option on what diesel additives are the best, and you can start from there. Good luck!