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The foosball game differs in popularity all over the world. Although there are some countries where the foosball is more frequently played. You can see a foosball table in a home in almost every country, and they also have different names for the game itself.

Best Foosball Table in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Material type
    Material type
  • Game Figures
    Game Figures
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Height-adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Soccer balls
    Soccer balls
Rally and Roar Foosball Table
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
    Rally and Roar
  • Weight
    62 kg
  • Dimensions
    147.32 x 81.28 x 88.27 cm
  • Material type
  • Game Figures
  • Key benefits
    Thick top rail
    Octagonal handle grips
    Chrome-plated steel
  • Height-adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Soccer balls
Place 2
Timberlion 0107BE-1 Foosball Table
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    21.3 kg
  • Dimensions
    121.5 x 61 x 81.5 cm
  • Material type
    MDF, PVC, steel
  • Game Figures
  • Key benefits
    Includes 2 foosballs
    Foldable Foosball Table
    Suitable for home, office and school
  • Height-adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Soccer balls
Good offer
WIN.MAX Compact Foosball Table
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    14.9 kg
  • Dimensions
    121 x 61 x 81 cm
  • Material type
  • Game Figures
  • Key benefits
    Easy storage
    Great sense of fashion
    Excellent Stability
  • Height-adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Soccer balls

What is a Foosball Table

They also know foosball as Table Football or Table Soccer. Foosball is the name of the game in North America, and the Foosball table acts as the field they play it on.

Here are some samples of countries where they used different names such as Metegol in Argentina, Wuzler in Austria, Futbolin in Bolivia, Taca-Taca in Chile, Stolni Nogomet in Croatia, Baby Foot in France, just to mention a few samples.

Foosball Table and how they are used?

Foosball Table and how they are used?It is a tabletop game based on football to move the ball into the other side where the opponent’s goal is located, and they can do this with the use of the rods with figures attached to it.

Maneuver your 4 rods to you can control your 13 player figures to drive the ball to your target goal, and you have to be better than your opponent because they will do the same you are meaning to do, they will also drive the ball towards their target goal. Both of you will have to race to get points, and one must be better than the other. It is a game of wits, smarts, and being quick. The team that reaches 5 points will win the game.

Some No’s in the game include No spinning of the Rods, No Distracting of your opponent, No Moving of the Table, No Unsportman like talk or comment.


  • It is excellent therapy when people have low morale at work, or even at home.
  • It is a brilliant piece of the conversation, and if you have visitors who are also enthusiasts of the game and the foosball table, you will surely have hours of wordplay.
  • A foosball table can help you think while playing, it is like an outlet for some people where bright ideas emerge.
  • It brings out camaraderie even in teamwork, where newly introduced people get to play side by side and have fun times.
  • The foosball table can enhance the aesthetic of your home or office with its sporty, new-gen design.
  • Using a foosball table can also be good for your health as you stand for a few hours, concentrating, and your arms plus legs are also doing most of the work.
  • A foosball table can start up a new friendship.


  • Some may say that it takes up too much space in your home or even in your office, others prefer a folding foosball table.
  • The noise of people playing and using the foosball table may not be welcome to some people. So if it is in the office, some workers that are not a fan of foosball may not take kindly to the noise it brings.
  • Too much tension at times while a play is ongoing.
  • The concentration of people may not be 100%, most especially if they are too competitive and are not keen on losing the game, thinking about the game and using the foosball table may be the only thing they will think about.
  • Mostly expensive to purchase.

What types of Foosball Tables are there?

What types of Foosball Tables are there?The types of Foosball Table will depend on where it was made and how they were constructed in different countries such as below.

American Foosball Table – Hard surface to add speed and rigidity while playing. Although the foosball table they have developed originated from European design, but since then been transformed and is a combination of German and French style foosball table.
There is also a distinct quality where some are made of plastic toy models for kids, matching furniture made of wood, and the Foosball table for the tournament.

French Style Foosball Table – They made their Foosball table without protruding telescoping rods plus a horseshoed shaped cabinet. The men are made of aluminum or metal together with a cork ball, with the table being softer, higher grip surfaces that can be likened to linoleum. Most parents prefer this design also for their kids because of the horseshoe cabinet for lesser incidents of getting hit by a rod from the table.

Czech Republic Type Foosball Table – Just like the style and movement of Americans and Germans, the playing style of Czech has a similarity. A style mostly because of the manufacturer, Rosengart. They manufacture Foosball Table according to the player’s preference, where development was made from the feedback they get from players. Although, in previous years of manufacture, their tables, were said to have a slow and sluggish lateral rod movement where players need extra effort while playing.
Slowly but surely, they have improved their engineering, and their tables are now certified as a professional table by ITSF.

Italian Style Foosball Table – They have a Foosball Table design that was said to be unique from other designs. There is a common glass top with red and blue players on their table.

There is also a plastic ball that somehow makes it hard to control. This Foosball Table requires the utmost concentration and speed of the players because of how fast the ball moves.
Most of the designs are works of art that can complement any home with its elegance.

Spanish Type Foosball Table – The Spanish designed Foosball table depicts a more accurate soccer formation where they have one goalie, three defense, three midfielders and four on offense (1-3-3-4) instead of the usual one or three goalies, two defensive men, five midfielders and three on offense (1 or 3-2-5-3). Their table also has metal players with two feet spread apart compared to a single toe. Another quality that makes their Foosball Table stand out is that is has a curved playing field surface that makes the ball rolls at the centerline, and the ball will not stay in front of the players.

German-Style Foosball Table – Their design stayed the same for decades with a sloped corner and single goalie. But after many years, they have changed the style by removing sloped corners and changed the goalies from one to three main goalies. The legs also changed with some having angled legs, and others have straight legs. They also used plastic men that are mounted directly to the rods as a single piece.
The table has a hard playing surface where some even used acrylic or sanded glass, which helps the ball to move, at a high speed.
They have made the follow a certain standard in making their table stiff and slippery to make such movement fast with the help of the three important components, such as the man, a ball, and tabletop surface.

Other style considerationOther style consideration:

According to Orientation

  • Tabletop
  • Freestanding

According to Features

  • Adjustable leg leveler
  • Quick Scoring
  • Telescopic Rods
  • Balls Included
  • Folding
  • Fixed
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • With Drink Holders
  • Coffee Table
  • Queen Anne-Style Legs
  • One Man Goalie System
  • 3-Man Goalie
  • Vintage

According to Material

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Manufactured Wood

According to the Number of Players

  • Two
  • Four
  • Eight

This is what we check in Foosball Table Reviews

This is what we check in Foosball Table ReviewsFoosball tables can give such happiness to those who use it. It does not just give you something to pass the time, but also it will enhance any place it is put in, as long as there is enough space and conducive playing space. In this review, we have checked four significant factors, which include the price, longevity, the materials used, and the cleaning.


Foosball table materials differ according to countries. American style uses solid table surfaces made of mahogany and some other materials that complete the Foosball Table is made of a harder plastic. In other countries, they use linoleum surfaces plus cork, sandblasted glass, or plastic laminate.


They make foosball Tables to last longer as they manufacture it to handle hard gameplay without getting damaged easily. Although some brands may not have the best manufacturing style.
A Foosball Table can last for years with some maintenance and regular parts check-up.


The price of an outstanding quality foosball table can start around $500 up to the expensive, luxurious model that you can get for thousands of dollars and up.


  • Foosball table can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth plus soapy water. Just the slightest amount of water is ideal, and not too much of it as too much liquid can damage the surface of your foosball table.
  • Daily usage equals frequent cleaning. At least once a week is alright.
  • Sometimes there are stains on the surface of the table, and this is what you need to watch out for because these are things that require frequent cleaning as well as it will harden and stick to the table if you ignore such details.
  • You may use alcohol instead of water as the alcohol evaporates quickly.
  • Correct maintenance will ensure that you will enjoy your foosball table for years to come.

Buying the Best Foosball Table

Buying the Best Foosball Table in our ReviewWith the availability of different branded jigsaw tool, you will have a hard time finding the best one for your needs. Most especially, if you are not familiar with it, you can get confused with the features and some terms about the tool.
Here are some reminders of when you are buying a jigsaw.


  • There is a specialty store that sells different brands of the foosball table, and you should know which one to pick.
  • Know where you will use the foosball table, be it for personal use or professional use.
  • Check the weight because you need a heavier table so it will be stable, most especially if you are to use it for competitive playing.
  • Thicker sidewall should be checked and compared as well with other brands, so you will know which one is better. A thicker sidewall width will mean more consistent play.
  • Foosball table should have a leg leveler, so check this too when you are in the store.
  • What materials you prefer. Remember that better materials will cost you more, but this is a lot of savings for you, eventually.
  • Know the size of the foosball table that will fit in your space. So you may need to compare again the different tables available, have the dimension with you for quicker checking.


  • If you are buying the foosball table online, you need to have the dimension that you need so you can ask the online seller right away if they have the size that you need.
  • If not, you may ask them what other size options they can refer to you. From there, you can compare if it is just a slight difference, you may go for said size instead.
  • Price should also be affordable for you or just within your budget.
  • Other important things that you need to consider, such as the design, style, type of materials, foosball leg style, or whether you want a customized one.
  • Discuss the repair of any issue that may arise after a few days with the product, and asked about the return policy for any other problems you will encounter with the delivered foosball table.

FAQ about the best Foosball Table

FAQ about the best Foosball TableWhat is the best foosball table to buy?

  1. Warrior Professional Custom
  2. Warrior Professional
  3. Harvil Striker
  4. Tornado Sport
  5. Hathaway Playoff
  6. Carrom Signature
  7. Playcraft Sport
  8. Atomic Proforce

What are the top brands of the Foosball table?

Roberto Sport, Fireball, Garlando, Kick, Leonhart, Chicago Gaming, Bonzini, and Tornado.


If you are starting in this game, you may find out that there is so much to know about it, and you can start with the foosball table. You need to give so much thought about the table that you will buy cause there are so many types and materials plus a design which can get you confused. Since there are many self-help and reading materials on the internet nowadays, this may help you a lot when buying a foosball table of your own. Just take into consideration what you need, what features matter to you most? Do you like a lavish design or just a simple foosball table will do? And of course, what type of table you will get will also be based on your budget, the higher budget you have, a more foosball table beauty you can afford to buy.