Golf Bag Review – Best Golf Bags Reviews

Golf is such a relaxing activity for those who play the game. Some immediately purchase a golf bag so they will no longer need to worry about their golf set and how to bring it to the golf course. Since there are many options on what bag to buy, you will not have a hard time choosing one. The only things that you need to decide on are the brand, design, style, size, additional features, and the price.

Best Golf Bag in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Pockets
  • Color
  • Stand Bags
    Stand Bags
  • Special feature
    Special feature
  • Incl. head cover
    Incl. head cover
  • Waterproof
  • Choice of colours
    Choice of colours
Place 1
TaylorMade Pro Cart 8.0 Bag 2020
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    2 kg
  • Pockets
  • Color
  • Stand Bags
    10 Way top
  • Special feature
    Lightweight construction
    All pockets face forward for easy access
    Key lock base
  • Incl. head cover
  • Waterproof
  • Choice of colours
Place 2
TaylorMade Flextech Crossover
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    4 kg
  • Pockets
  • Color
  • Stand Bags
    14 Way top
  • Special feature
    Strap Slider System
    Large insulated cooler pocket
    Value for Money
  • Incl. head cover
  • Waterproof
  • Choice of colours
Place 3
Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    2.45 kg
  • Pockets
  • Color
    Black Camo
  • Stand Bags
    14 Way top
  • Special feature
    Improved pocket design
    Updated Self-balancing X-Act Fit Strap System
    Award winning design
  • Incl. head cover
  • Waterproof
  • Choice of colours

What is Golf Bag?

They found the golf bag in 1981 by Rick Reimers in Montana, USA, when he borrowed a backpack, and from there, he made a golf bag.
They made golf bags to help golfers bring their golf set, and they add other compartments to put in other stuff.

Golf Bag and how they are used?

Golf Bag and how they are used?Golf bags usually have 2-pockets. One to use for tees and the other to put woods and putter in front for easy access. There are 12 essentials that golfers put in their golf bags such as old and new golf balls, golf clubs that can either be wood, iron, or hybrids. There are also accessories and GPS.

A golfer’s use of golf bag varies as they can carry as much golf set as they need, and they can also include other accessories in the process e.g. towel, rain gear, bug spray, sunscreen, water bottle among others.


  • Golf bags make it easier for golfers to carry their golf set and other items in one go.
  • They have an additional compartment for other things they need.
  • Golf bags make it possible to neatly arranged golfer’s items in place.


  • Expensive for some people.
  • Some are considered heavy, with the addition of the golf set and other items.
  • May cause a back injury because of frequent carrying of the heavy golf bags.

What types of Golf Bags are there?

What types of Golf Bags are there?There are five types of Golf Bags that you can choose from Cart Bags – aka trolley bags that are best used on a golf buggy or trolley. This type has rubber, and non-slip base to keep it from sliding off the cart or a buggy while moving. It will be harder to carry it around the gold course, although, this type is lighter compared to the tour bag. This bag is not the right bag for going around the golf course.

Tour Bags

Considered the largest bag in the market, but it is the best and more expensive. This bag can carry many items such as your gloves, clothing, golf clubs, rain gear, golf balls, other stuff. With the additional compartment comes the added weight, and this bag is heavy around 9 to 11 pounds and may not be the most ideal for small frame people. If you have someone with you to carry your bag, then this is an advantage, or you may just get an electric trolley or even a manual push and pull one.

It has the added benefits for professional golfers that its weight was never an issue for some.

Stand Bags

A lighter type of bag with two retractable stand or legs that keeps it standing upright while you play. This bag also gives easy access to the club when you want to replace your clubs, the use of this bag makes it easier for you to do so. The retractable leg also makes it possible for you to carry the bag without the hindrance of the golf bag stand.

Ideal to use on most golf course terrains.

Waterproof Bags

There is perfect weather to play golf, and sometimes the weather is just so unpredictable that having this golf bag will be to your advantage. Some manufacturers have added this feature to their golf bag line up and are now easy for you to get one to get your clubs to safety during bouts of weather unpredictability.

Waterproof bags are lightweight ideal for when it gets soaked with water, it will also not hinder you from carrying your bag easily. Although there are also golf bag covers available to protect any golf bags out there, a waterproof bag gives you that edge.

Pencil Bags

This golf bag can hold up to 14 clubs even though it is lightweight and thin in design. The advantage of this bag is the ease of storage and will not need sizeable storage space compared to the other golf bags available. It is easy to carry with you around the golf course or from hole to hole.

Travel Bags

used when you need to travel and bring your golf bag. To further protect your golf set, they need this travel bag. There are two types available such as hard case and soft case.

This is what we check in Golf Bag Reviews

This is what we check in Golf Bag ReviewsWhen we buy a product, we do not just look at the design or the style, but we should look at other significant aspects too, like in this case, we look at the materials used, longevity, price, and cleaning needed for the product.


We found out that the materials used for a golf bag comprise nylon, some canvas, and leather. The golf bags will differ in the materials used, and of course, each material will bring about the longevity and the price of the product.


The longevity of this product will depend on the materials used and the reinforcement and quality of manufacturing. Some manufacturers have a top-quality product that you can vouch for their products.


Besides the design, style, and materials, the quality of manufacture also makes a difference in pricing. Some golf bags you can get for a few hundred to a thousand dollars and up.

Buying the Best Golf Bag

Buying the Best Golf BagWhen you buy a golf bag, you should test some things before the purchase, such as the weight of the bag, compartments, and if the design is what you are looking for in a golf bag.


Do not buy the first golf bag you laid your eyed on, focus! That is easier said than done – but here goes. Reminders when you buy a golf bag in the store.

  • Decide which ones you like is it a carry bag or bag that has a stand or retractable leg.
  •  Check the options on display. Request for 3 to 4 bags you can compare.
  • See the compartments and check if everything is well-stitched or glued in place, and there are no quality misses.
  • Ask the seller which of their golf bags has complaints or which has the most buyer, and you can add that to your decision making.
  • Compare the prices because you may need to shell out more for the features, but it is best to compare if the feature you like with this bag can be found on the next.
  • Ask for discounts if any are available.
  • Ask what kind of warranty they offer. A lifetime warranty is better than a year’s warranty, although there are just very few who offer a lifetime warranty.


When you buy online, you buy those with brands, and this is just right if you want to have the best golf bag, but of course, you will spend more doing so. What you can do when buying online.

  • If you want to buy branded golf bags, knowing they are of top quality material, you also need to get 3 to 4 top brands and compare each.
  • Some brands to look at are Ogio, Sun Mountain, Titleist, and Ping.
  • Since you cannot try the bags, you need to ask the seller what material they use for the carrying straps and the entire bag and make sure that the material is of top quality.
  • Size should also be discussed, and before you choose the golf bag you like, you also have to consider what size fits you. You don’t want to lug around a bag that seems to be bigger than you are and – heavier.
  • Compare the price – as always, the decision will also depend on your budget.
  • If the seller can give you a discount for any brands, this is also something to think about.
  • Warranty is important, and must be discussed just when the golf bag suddenly got ripped after a few days or if the bag arrived damaged, then what return policy does the online store have?

FAQ about the Best Golf Bag

What is the Best Golf Bag to buy?

  1. What is the Best Golf Bag to buy?Taylormade Tour Staff Bag– Made for professional golfers with its high-quality material and top-caliber manufacturing. Weights 5kg and also waterproof. Material is a brushed micro-perforated synthetic leather.
  2. Ping Moonlite Golf Carry Bag– Weighs only 1.1kg and is considered super lightweight, can carry your full set of clubs, and is waterproof.
  3. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag– Weighs 2.5kg and is built solidly with multiple pockets and dividers to place all your golf paraphernalia. They also consider this bag more affordable compared to other bags in the market.
  4. Powakaddy Dry Edition Cart Bag– Full waterproof protection for all your golf sets and other items. Made of Hydrostatic rated nylon fabric and weighs only 2.3kg. This also comes with a key lock trolley system and unique colors to choose from.
  5. Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag– Comfortable and lightweight to carry. Mixed fabric materials and weighs only 2.2kg. Water-resistant with SensorCool Tech to help keep the bag cool even under the scorching summer sun.
  6. Titleist Tour Staff Bag– Elegantly made and materials used were of prime quality. It has a 6-divider with 10-pockets to place your other golfing items. The strap is cushioned and made ergonomically to make sure you are comfortable while carrying it.
  7. Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag- Super strong and hardy with its ultra-lightweight feature. With 5-pockets plus 4-divider. Best for golfers who cannot possibly lug their golf bag around the entire day. They make this bag of a durable nylon shell, with sturdy carbon fiber legs or stand.
  8. Sun Mountain Range 14 Way H2NO Lite Carry Bag– This bag weighs 2.4kg with TPU coated fabric material that is not only lightweight but waterproof. This bag not only stands on its own, but you can also bring it with you.
  9. Taylormade Tour Cart Ba- They make this bag for easy carrying with the use of carts. It has 12 pockets with a 6-way-divider with eye-catching design and is smaller than a tour bag. There are pockets for your extra things, such as rain gear or jacket.

How can I have my name placed on my golf bag?

Some sellers also offer custom embroidery for those customers who would like to have their names on their golf bags. This may come with a small fee and sometimes for free by other sellers. There are also custom made bags that can follow the design that you like, style of the pockets, how many dividers and color.

What should I check when looking for my golf bag?

There are plenty of considerations before you choose a golf bag, some things you should check is the company policy for the defective product. You don’t want to be saddled with a damaged zipper or pockets with holes in them.
The dividers, pockets, straps, legs, brand, stitching, weight, and zippers.

What if the zippers on my golf bag got damaged?

If the warranty is still in effect, some sellers will help you with it. But if it is out of warranty, you may need to have it repaired.


Golf sets cost you a lot of money because the sport is one of the expensive sports around. From the golf course where you will play to the golf sets you need to buy, and the golfing gears you need to have.

It is just right to buy a golf bag that will fully protect your golf gear, and at the same time give you comfort while using it.
You are not expected to lug around your golf clubs and put your golf balls inside your pocket and your water inside your shirt, invest in a one of a kind golf bags to make your golfing experience always noteworthy.