Golf Trolley Review – Best Golf Trolleys Reviews

Golf trolleys may yet be the answer to golfers’ problem with having to bring their clubs to the golf course or to lug around their golfing gears for a few hours. It will surely make a big difference with their concentration and will make them focus more on the game at hand.

Best Golf Trolley in Comparison

  • Ratin
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Type
  • Special Features
    Special Features
  • Accessory station
    Accessory station
  • Umbrella holder
    Umbrella holder
Pro Rider Unisex's Golf Trolley
  • Ratin



  • Manufacturer
    Pro Rider
  • Weight
    15 Kg
  • Dimensions
    98 x 120 X 56 cm
  • Material
  • Type
  • Special Features
    Powerful 150w motor
    Free wheel mode
    Super lightweight
  • Accessory station
  • Umbrella holder
Place 2
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheels Golf Trolley
  • Ratin



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    8 Kg
  • Dimensions
    76.2 x 31.2 x 30.8 cm
  • Material
  • Type
  • Special Features
    Height adjustable handle
    Ball bearing wheels
    Folds in one second
  • Accessory station
  • Umbrella holder
Place 3
Caddymatic i-Trac Golf Trolley
  • Ratin



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    4 Kg
  • Dimensions
    98.5 x 66 x 110.5 cm
  • Material
  • Type
  • Special Features
    Quick fold mechanism
    Quick release wheels
    Strong nylon bag straps
  • Accessory station
  • Umbrella holder

What is Golf Trolley?

Golf trolleys can be used to carry your golf clubs and golf gear and make your life easier when you are out on the golf course having fun.

There is a manual golf trolley that works when you push or pull it, and there is an electric golf trolley that was invented decades ago by an American who got the idea of the electric golf trolley when he saw motorized trolleys being used in shopping malls.

The invention paved the way for golfers to have a simple time carrying their things on the golf course.

Golf Trolley and how they are used?

Golf Trolley and how they are used?Manual golf trolleys were used by pushing it or pulling it on the golf course, while an electric golf trolley requires less effort to use. It has wheels, a small motor, and a battery to make it work. All you have to do is to walk alongside it while it moves.
You only need to bring your things twice, and that is when you need to load your things on your electric golf trolley, and then to unload it from the trolley.


  • You need not bring your things and break your back with the heavy stuff you need to lug around.
  • You will feel more relaxed when you have a golf trolley to do the carrying for you.
  • You can carry more gear than you need during your golfing activity.
  • You can have more concentration to the sport.
  • There will be lesser body aches and pain after the game.
  • You need not get a human caddy to help with your gear. Charging is easy and will not take much of your time.
  • Simple to transport and place it at the back of your car.


  • For the manual trolley, having to push it on a hilly course may cause an issue, especially if you are carrying too many things all at once. Electric golf trolley may have more push to it.
  • Electric golf trolley’s issue, maybe its battery cause you need to make sure you charge it every time you are off to the golf course. Unless you want to have to carry both on your back, make sure it has enough battery to last you the whole day.
  • Some models require space to keep it, such as its home storage space, so it will not rot out because of outside elements.
  • Some golf course does not care much about the golf trolleys as it leaves a mark on the grass.
  • They do not allow trolleys during poor weather in any golf course, which means you need to carry all the weight on your back.

What types of Golf Trolley are there?

What types of Golf Trolley are there?Manual golf trolley – considered being the less expensive type as it is just manually operated. It is easy to push and pull. There is a 2-wheel, 3-wheel, and even a 4-wheel push and pull golf trolley.
The 3-wheel golf trolley, however, is manageable compared to the 2-wheel golf trolley. All three have brakes to slow the trolley down when needed.

Electric Golf Trolleys – This type of golf trolleys was previously used by older players as it makes their lives easier on the golf course. It has a rechargeable battery plus other features, including a display screen that covers the time, battery indicator, power level, GPS distance, phone notifications, hole information, plus a USB charging port.
Another advancement in technology makes it possible as well to have a remote-controlled trolley, but then again, it may be too much for others to learn to steer it.

This is what we check in Golf Trolley Reviews

With golf trolleys, it is a must to ensure that you get the best quality of trolley there is. In this review, we have checked the important factors that include the materials price, longevity, and cleaning.


This is what we check in Golf Trolley ReviewsThey make golf trolleys of aluminum, which are lightweight, but with its soft finish; it gets dented after some time. Steel is another material used, but weighs a bit. Titanium is another material that is now often used because of its durability, although there is a slight difference in pricing as compared to aluminum and steel made golf trolley.


When checked, titanium can last longer compared to aluminum and steel, but it may cost you a few more dollars. If you are not keen on getting titanium made golf trolley, then aluminum or steel made trolley will do, with the right maintenance it will also last you for years.


With many advantages you can have with having a golf trolley, it is also the best idea to pay more for a high-quality one. With some golf trolley, you can save money, but you won’t be able to enjoy it much. It is wise to invest in a piece of equipment that you can use for a long time.


  • Issues with golf trolley are sometimes due to grass getting caught up on its wheels, and the best thing to do is to clean it after every use. Grass can make a mess of your trolley, plus the mess it makes will not look good on your golf trolley.
  • There are times when the weather suddenly changes in the middle of the game, so you have to wheel your trolley when the grass is wet, and there is dirt that will get stuck or will stick on your trolley, this is also something that you should take care of the soonest time.
  • Make sure that your checking and maintenance are also being done once in a while if you are using it often, then it is just right to clean and maintain it as regularly as possible.

Buying the Best Golf Trolley

Buying the Best Golf TrolleyThere are things that you need to be reminded of when you buy any product, even if you are buying it online or in-store. Here are some tips to make your purchase simpler.


  • You can look first on what the store has on display and, at the same time, make a comparison of each golf trolley.
  • There are features stated in each trolley, and you can decide then which product you will choose.
  • Compare the prices and the features and see what you can afford.
  • Some brands may cost more than the one you are eyeing, also check if you can stretch your budget and get the model that has many features.
  • Scrutinize the product such as checking all the features it has. You don’t want to go home and bring a defective unit with you.
  • If you are buying an electric golf trolley, ensure that the battery is charging perfectly, cause there are times that when you buy from the store, it suddenly stopped working after bringing it home.
  • It is not bad to operate it while inside the store, that way you can see that everything works perfectly.
  • Prices are another thing that you should consider if the store seller can give you a discount for a brand you like, as well as discuss it cause some store sellers will shave off some dollars to have a sale.
  • If there is a warranty, read the fine prints and see which brand offers a better warranty.


  • Even if we buy products online, it is to our advantage to make sure we are checking the quality of the product that we are buying.
  • It is always best to do some research before gunning to buy any golf trolley that has an impressive design but lacks in features.
  • Read reviews online as there is much information you can get from it. Compare the brands of the electric golf trolley as this is now easy to do as the information is available online, you just have to do some browsing.
  • Once you find the store that carries the brand you like, have a chat with their customer service to discuss warranty and if ever – return policy.

FAQ about the best Golf Trolley

What should I consider when I buy an electric golf trolley?

FAQ about the best Golf TrolleyIt is equipment that will help you lug around your golf gear in the golf course, but consider its weight as well before purchase. You will still need to transport it from your home to the golf course, and you don’t want to have something too heavy to carry.

Is there a speed option with an electric golf trolley?

There is a speed control that you can set to any speed you like. You also need not worry that it will just tumble down the hills since it also has a brake system to slow the trolley when needed. If you will spend more, you can get the remote-controlled electric golf trolley so you can manage it remotely.

How long do batteries last with every charging?

For newly bought electric golf trolleys, it can last up to 10 hours every charging. If you notice that it is no longer as efficient you can also buy a spare battery, so you have plenty of power to spare.

Does a golf trolley need some assembly?

They design golf trolleys to make transport easier. It can either be foldable or has detachable parts for effortless assembly.

What else do I need to consider when using the electric golf trolley?

You may need to check the height of the handle before using it. You don’t want your trolley causing more back pain that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

What are the other features that you can find in some brands of electric golf trolley?

Some have a GPS/phone cradle, scorecard holders, USB charging port, umbrella holder, drink holders, and distance functions.

What are the top golf trolleys available in the market?

  1. What are the top golf trolleys available in the market?Motocaddy S5 Connect – This model is quite high tech as it connects to Facebook and Whatsapp, which makes it possible for you to get mobile alerts. With a GPS app that connects via Bluetooth.
  2. Big Max Coaster Quad Brake – Features include automatic downhill speed regulator, with a capacity for solar charging and an electronic parking brake.
  3. Powerbug Ultra V – Equipped with a UV sensor, round and lost ball timer, clock, lightweight, measures distance, and a 5-year warranty to boot.
  4. Powakaddy FW5i – With a wide colored screen, battery and fuel indicator, integrated USB charging port, digital power gauge. The automatic distance function allows this equipment to travel anywhere between 15 to 45 yards.
  5. BigMax Coaster Quad Brake – It has rotating front wheels and suspension. With a provision for another wheel to further add to its sturdiness. Features include an electronic parking brake, distance function, automatic downhill speed regulator, with color display, and solar charging.
  6. PowaKaddy Touch – This unit folds 3-ways, with a lithium battery system, a USB charging port, with a touch feature.
  7. Clicgear Model 3.5 – Tires are beautiful and sturdy, which is low maintenance and is airless. Transporting it around the course is effortless. Its scratch-resistant finish makes this 3-wheel push cart worth the price. It also has an advanced braking system with a push-button lock feature to lock the front wheel. The bag brackets that can accommodate all your gear make it worth your investment.


Golf trolleys can help golf enthusiasts as it is the best way to ensure that you are focusing on the game and not on what gear you need to move around the golf course.
The golf clubs are also heavy, which will cause some difficulty to carry. If you are going for an electric golf trolley, find the one that will charge for a few hours or those we call fast-charging batteries. Again, with some brands, it just goes to say that the more you pay, the more features you will get to enjoy.