Guitar Case Review – Best Guitar Cases Reviews

Guitar case’s primary purpose is to protect guitars but with others, it serves other purposes as well such as using it for a compartment to keep things like papers or even change.

The best Guitar Cases in Comparison

  • Bewertung
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Material type
    Material type
  • Suitable for
    Suitable for
  • Special features
    Special features
  • With Key
    With Key
  • For Storing Accessories
    For Storing Accessories
Place 1
Gear4music PAG040STA
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    6 Kg
  • Dimensions
    120 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Material type
  • Suitable for
    Electric Guitars
  • Special features
    Fits Most Guitar Styles
    Day to Day Use

  • With Key
  • For Storing Accessories
Place 2
Mono M80 Guitar Case
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
    Mono Cases
  • Weight
    1.3 Kg
  • Dimensions
    12.7 x 44.4 x 113 cm
  • Material type
  • Suitable for
    Bass Guitars
  • Special features
    Integral headlock design
    Waterproof sharkskin
  • With Key
  • For Storing Accessories
Place 3
Guitar Case LHCW Clearwater
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    3.2 Kg
  • Dimensions
    112 x 40 x 31 cm
  • Material type
  • Suitable for
    Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars
  • Special features
    Protect your pride and joy
    With locking clasp
  • With Key
  • For Storing Accessories

What is a Guitar Case?

Guitar cases or as previously called Gig Bags are used to store and transport musical instruments which are commonly a guitar or bass guitar. Some pockets are usable for other purposes like storing sheet music, musical accessories, straps, cables among others.

Guitar Case and how they are used?

Guitar Case and how they are used?Guitar cases are now commonly used to transport guitars and to keep it from being scratch, banged, or rattled while in transport. They usually make the case of plywood, laminates, artificial wood, aluminum, and ABS plastics. The inside is lined with velvet or silk and sometimes felt with plenty of padding for extra protection. This will ensure that the guitar case will also not get scratched inside the case.


  • Transporting your guitar is safer. It will protect your guitar from breakage, scratch, and other markings with the use of a guitar case.
  • Easier to travel on a plane. Because of the casing, your guitar is protected from baggage handlers and the same tossing and being thrown a few distances.
  • It will fully protect your guitar. That even if the case is stepped on or tossed anywhere, it will not damage the guitar.


  • Heavy. Because of the materials used to make a guitar case, the weight is heavy, especially when the guitar is inside it. If you choose a different type of guitar case such as the soft case, you will not have any issue with weight, but it will not protect your guitar that much.
  • Needed fixing. When you need to use your guitar, you need to open the case, get the guitar, and then afterward unzip the case again to store the guitar which will take a few minutes to do. Some guitar owners like their guitars with just a handle or a sling and can use it whenever they like.
  • Expensive. Materials used in some guitar cases will cost you double because of the quality. It can protect your guitar very well though.
  • Need a storage space. You need to have a space for your guitar case most especially if it is the hard case type that you cannot just fold and stow away anywhere.

What types of Guitar Cases are there?

There are 3 categories of guitar cases such as

3 categories of best guitar casesSoft cases aka gig bags. Usually made of nylon, leather, polyester, or a combination of each material. Aside from the sling strap, there is also an additional strap to make carrying it easier. Some manufactures of these guitar cases even added backpack types of straps so you can choose how you want to carry your case. For the pockets, there is at least two extra for sheet music, straps, and sheet music. But the pockets differ and will depend on the manufacturer of these bags.

Suitable for transporting your guitar to some gigs or music classes that will not need rigorous traveling. It is best for hand-carry and is not suitable when traveling far where there is a danger of the guitar case being pinned by heavier items.

Hard cases. Made from wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic, or carbon fiber. They pad the inside with a plush material that will protect your guitar from any impact and scratches. These types of guitar cases have 2 or more compartments inside for accessories and other minor items. The handle includes a shoulder strap (optional), one main handle, and some even have customized wheels built-in for easy traveling.

4 variations in Hard Guitar Cases

  1. Chipboard – made of thicker cardboard and is not advisable for extensive use because of the materials incorporated in it. Considered cheap by some standard and will not protect your guitar that much.
  2. Hardshell – this was the traditional guitar case and can give protection to your guitar, just not with too much careless throwing and other abuses. Primarily made with hardwood or plywood. Although this case is considered strong and indestructible, it is also not a reason for you to care less for your guitar case. Check for signs of hardware damage such as latches, handle and hinge damage from time to time. This is not advisable for air travel because you cannot carry it with you on the plane and are left with baggage check that makes it prone to abuses of baggage conveyors not to mention careless baggage carrier.
  3. Molded Guitar cases – Using ABS or PE and is considered more durable as it resists high impacts. Gaining popularity for the past two decades because of the materials used. These cases have thermal insulation, is airtight and watertight to keep water out. Dust is also a problem, that is why this is manufactured as airtight as possible.
  4. Road cases – used by professionals and keeps your musical instruments safe whether in the bus, air, or truck travel.
Hybrid cases. Considered a combination of the two previously mentioned guitar cases. They line the insides with plush, padded, and rigid foam to keep your guitar from damage and minor scratches.

There is also an inclusion of different straps, some according to your preference and pockets to put some of your smaller items in.
Not advised for traveling where there is any chance of this guitar case getting kicked or thrown because you may find your guitar with scratches and minor damages. If you are also planning on traveling by plane, it is also not advisable but chooses a harder, more durable case instead.

This is what we check in Guitar Case Reviews.

The Material of the best Guitar CaseYes, there are many types of guitar cases out in the market that you can easily pick one for you, but the thing is you really don’t know which one to pick because of different factors such as the price, material, longevity and if it would need cleaning. We have reviewed some of these factors below.


The materials used vary where some materials are wood and some are plastic; they make some of the fiberglasses and even hard cardboard. The weight of the guitar case also differs because of these materials. Of course, wood will be heavier while those made of cardboard will be lighter.


The longevity of the guitar case depends on what material they used during manufacturing, there is also an additional factor on how you use and care for your case.


Price is significant and you need to compare the price when buying a guitar case because you don’t want to buy something that you will not use for a long time.


Cleaning and maintenance will also determine how long you will make use of this product if you know how to keep it clean and maintain there is a high probability of its longevity as well.

Buying the Best Guitar Case

When purchasing a Guitar Case you need to take into consideration many things just like when you are buying the guitar itself. Guitar case should be durable, high quality and will all the right straps in place. When buying guitar case instore or online there are a few tips here that you can use with your purchase.


Buying the Best Guitar Case InstoreBuying instore will help you inspect the guitar case on display. Be careful while doing so and asking questions will help while deciding.

  • Examine the materials. You can see the quality of each guitar by inspecting each model/style that is available when you are in the store.
  • Choose correctly. Do not just zone in on one guitar case just because you like the design or color pattern of the case, but rather think of the quality.
  • Choose wisely. There is a guitar case that will look sturdy and durable but they do not make it of durable materials but were just made to look like it. Be mindful.
  • Prices. Compare the prices while you review each of the guitar cases, you don’t want to buy a guitar case that will cost you much when it is just made of hard cardboard.


Online buying is easy, but the truth is you will need more information before you can decide which one to buy.

  • Questions. It is best to know what you like to buy before talking to the seller online so you will know which questions to ask the seller.
  • Read reviews. Review, compare guitar cases while you are browsing online. There is an available article with every product. You just need to look.
  • Bestseller list. Ask for help from the seller himself, they are knowledgeable and will help when asked about quality, materials, pricing.
  • Delivery. Will they deliver the product for free or do you have to pay for delivery? Some online sellers offer free delivery if you buy from their store. Also, inquire about the return policy if they have it.
  • Warranty. An important question to ask when buying online, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

FAQ about the Best Guitar Case

Do I need to invest in a hard guitar case?

It is advisable if you have an expensive guitar that may have caused you an arm to have, do not save money by buying cheaply made guitar case where you can end up buying another guitar instead because it got damaged while inside the guitar case.

What are the best guitar cases available in the market?

FAQ about the Best Guitar Case ind ReviewHere are the top 6 for your review.

  1. Fender Deluxe Molded ABS Strat-Tele Cas – High quality, durable.
  2. Gator Cases Molded Acoustic Flight Case – TSA approved ultimate acoustic protection.
  3. Levy’s Leathers LM18-BLK Deluxe Electric Gig Bag- Soft leather bag, classic, sturdy and luxurious looking.
  4. Music Area WIND20 Waterproof Electric Gig Bag – Stylish but big on protection for your guitar.
  5. GearLux AC107 Tweed Acoustic Hardshell Case – Vintage, Classic style.
  6. Chromacast CC-EH Electric Hardshell Case – solid protection with a basic style case. Best for any electric guitar.

What guitar case should I get?

It should be a high-quality guitar case most especially if you have an expensive guitar. There are available guitar cases in the market that you can vouch on for its quality. You should also go for convenience such as what straps it has and if there are additional pockets for your other things. Keep in mind to check the straps or handle as well because this is important while you are traveling, you don’t want the handle or straps getting detached from the guitar case.

How should I store my guitar case?

If you need extra space for your guitar case, you can choose one side of your living room or bedroom and put hooks or shelving for your guitar case, this is also best if you have over one guitar case. Before storage always makes sure that you have cleaned your guitar case, remove dust, and other markings outside that lessen its quality, also keep it away from any water or even splashes of water to maintain its longevity. Wipe any moisture, if any before storage.


If you spend hundreds of dollars on your guitar, it is also highly advisable to spend extra to get a guitar case. You will need protection for your guitar while you are traveling and while you are in transit.

You cannot just throw it at the back of your vehicle with no protection at all because you will have a damaged guitar for sure.
The longevity of your guitar will also depend on how you care for it and preserve its quality. Buying a guitar case is another investment that is worth your money.

There are lots of options for you that will help you decide. If you want a guitar case that will only last you for a month or a few months, you can buy the mid-range price and then save again for another case in a few months. The durability of every case will also depend on how and where you will use it. But if you would like to hang on to a high-quality product that can be useful to you for a year or so, be ready to shell out more dollars.