Hair Shaver Review – Best Hair Shaver Reviews

Hair shaver makes cutting hair easier. It is mostly used by men because there is a lesser need for shaping hair or no need to follow a certain cut and length. They mostly used hair shaver when there is a need for faster cutting of hair.

Best Hair Shavers in Comparison

  • Bewertung
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Volts
  • Battery capacity
    Battery capacity
  • Special feature
    Special feature
  • Lithium power
    Lithium power
  • Cordless
Place 1
Andis ProFoil Lithium Shaver
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    90.7 Grams
  • Volts
    100/240 V
  • Battery capacity
    9000 mAh
  • Special feature
    For Sensitive Skin
    Rotary Motor
  • Lithium power
  • Cordless
Place 2
Huiming Rechargeable Cordless Clippers
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    380 Grams
  • Volts
    3 V
  • Battery capacity
    700 mAh
  • Special feature
    Safe Use Without Skin Damage
  • Lithium power
  • Cordless
Place 3
Inspired Beard Balm
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    372 Grams
  • Volts
    80 V
  • Battery capacity
    1500 mAh
  • Special feature
    Dual-Sided Blade
    Durable OneBlade
  • Lithium power
  • Cordless

What is a Hair Shaver?

There is a sharpened blade likened to a comb and can be manual or electrical. They invented manual shavers in the mid-1800s.

Mostly used by barbers and now with the emergence of easy-use hair shavers, some buy it for their personal use.

Hair Shaver and how they are used?

Hair Shaver and how they are used ReviewHair shavers can cut human hair. They use it in the same way as scissors, but they just differ in operating principle. Whereas scissors are used manually while hair shavers work on electricity and sometimes chargeable batteries. Barbers nowadays use it in combination with a comb to cut hair faster and they also use it to cut hair closer to the head to make it well shaved.


  • Easy to use. Since there are videos available where you can learn how to use a hair shaver, and there is also the manual that you can read as needed. Using a hair shaver is easy once you get used to it.
  • Requires little skill. If you have your hair shaver, learning to use it is easier. Choose the cut you like, and use the needed extension then you can go on with cutting your hair.
  • Faster cutting. Haircutting time takes just half the time compared to the traditional hair cut using a scissor.
  • You can do it yourself. If you have one of these hair shavers, it will be not a problem to do your own haircut. You can choose the guards to use and guiding comb and will depend on how short you want your hair to be.
  • No need to go to a barbershop. There is no longer a need to make an appointment for your next haircut, or if you still need to have your hair cut, with the hair shaver you will be in and out in minutes.
  • Using hair shavers is convenient. If there is a day’s growth of beard that you need to shave, having a hair shaver is very convenient.
  • Best for hair growth. If you want to have better hair growth, shaving is one solution. If you also want to have a faster hair growth shaving is your choice.


  • Not traditional. Not for those who want the feel of traditional hair cut using scissors, and having your head massage before the haircut.
  • Hair grows back quickly. Compared to scissor cut hair, the hair grows faster when a hair shaver is used.
  • You need to maintain your hair. There is a stubble of growth after a day or two, and you will need to re-shave if you want a smoother look and clean haircut.

What types of Hair Shavers are there?

There are 2 types according to use:

  1. Home use hair shaver – used for simple hair shaving
  2. Professional hair shaver – High price compared to a home use hair shaver.

According to types of motor

Types of Hair Shaver in ReviewMagnetic motors aka universal motor that uses an electromagnetic device to operate on AC (Alternating current), or DC (Direct current) mode. Besides its lightweight and its size, it also has a different speed and can go faster. The disadvantage is that it also wears with frequent use and has a noisy motor compared to the rest.
Rotary motors. Power and blade speed is even. There is also a variety of options for hair cut style.
Pivot motors. This motor type has a lower blade speed but is powerful. Best used for thick hair.

According to types of blade

Stainless steel. This blade is durable and can last for many years.
Carbon blades. With little maintenance, we can use this type of blade for a long time.
Titanium. High-quality blades are mostly titanium made, but with quality comes a higher price tag.
Ceramic blades. You can use the shaver for a lengthy period without worrying that the blade will heat like other types of blade, although, it cannot outlast steel blades and you will need to shell out more to replace it.

Corded. It was first introduced with a cord with a length of 6 to 8 feet that make it easy to maneuver and to bring it at a distance. They incorporate pivot motor in these hair shavers.

Cordless. They can use cordless professional hair shavers for 8 to 10 hours with a Li-ion battery. The home-use shavers run for only 2 to 3 hours with the Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion requires a shorter charging time.

This is what we check in Hair Shaver Reviews.

Material of Hair Shaver in ReviewHair shavers can be such a convenience to use even if it were used professionally or at home. Yes, it is a big help to those who would like to have their hair cut in just a brief time with no fuss. Still, we need to look at the four aspects of the product such as the materials used, durability or longevity, cleaning, and of course its price.


We have made some comparisons on the materials that were used with hair shavers and there are differences in the materials that cause it to have differences in efficacy and capacity.


With durability in mind, we also reviewed which of the hair shavers will be used longer, and will be durable even with frequent use.


Prices differ, and it is also because of the materials used as well as the manufacturer of the product. There are high-priced hair shavers, and some are also affordable.


Cleaning will always be an added factor in buying a product, and sometimes your decision in buying it will also depend on how easy or hard it is to maintain.

Buying the Best Hair Shaver

Buying the best Hair Shaver from our ReviewScrutinize every product you will buy whether you will buy it in-store or online because you don’t want to be buying a product that will last you a week for the price that you saved up for half a year. Keep in mind the important details while buying anything.


  • While in-store you can have a look at the unique features and design of the hair shaver. What blade does it have, will it be hard to maintain, etc?
  • You cannot check it on your hair while you are buying it in the store so you can only trust your judgment and best to ask the help of the seller.
  • Check all the parts, and if everything is working as it should. Is it powering on? Are the attachments all fit? Are all the connectors complete so forth and so on.
  • Check the warranty as this is very important when buying devices, equipment, and appliances.


  • Online buying is the in-thing nowadays, you can enjoy browsing and click on what you like at the confines of your home. It is the easiest way to do shopping at present.
  • Find a reputable shop that is selling hair shavers. You don’t want to waste your money on sellers that don’t keep their promise and will just waste your money with an unusable product.
  • You should read reviews online about the hair shaver that you are planning to buy this will be a big help, especially when you are confused about which one to pick.
  • While browsing online you should read about the comparison of product a from product b, and such. Some websites are also reputable that has this service. They offer price comparison, compare sellers, besides finding similar products among others.
  • You can also ask about the delivery, and if they have a return policy for any product that may be damaged upon arrival.

FAQ about the Best Hair Shaver

How long does hair shavers last?

It can last for many years with excellent care and maintenance. There are also ways on how you can keep it as efficient as when you first bought it by checking the parts before and after use.

Do I need oil for the hair shaver?

Putting on some oil on the blades will keep it from dulling and rusting. So, you should see to it that this is done as frequently as possible.

What are the top hair shavers available in the market?

  1. FAQ about Top Hair Shaver in ReviewRemington HC5850 – with 8 guide combs, compact and can be used for a haircut and beard trimming. It has a powerful motor with less vibration and noise while in use. The stainless steel blade makes this hair shaver durable. It also includes an 8 food cord to give you the ease of maneuvering.
  2. Oster 76023-510 – compact, powerful, and impressive in design. It can be used professionally or at home. The pivot motor helps in the cutting process because of its powerful motor capacity. There is also no issue with noise while in use. The long cord will be beneficial even when you move around while cutting your hair.
  3. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – The DIY hair shaver pro, you can rotate its head up to 180 degrees, with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, compact, convenient to use, and with 14 built-in length settings.
  4. Remington HKVAC2000A- aka Vacuum Haircut Kit, high precision, with 6 included comb lengths. Although this hair shaver is considered made of cheap plastic but does not have a cheaper price. The advantage that this one has is its built-in vacuum feature that sucks up hair clippings inside its sizeable collection chamber that you can empty after use.
  5. Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Clippers/Shavers – quality cut every time, cordless, cuts hair faster and easier, with different accessories included making your cutting experience better. Combs of different sizes from 0 to 8. It can be used for all hair types.
  6. Andis Go Professional Outliner II Trimmer – The best tool for those who want a clean-shaven head, blade made of carbon steel that is highly durable, with cord and delivers the most precise hair cut.
  7. Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit – easy to handle and control haircut tools because you can use one hand while cutting your hair. It comes with a curved blade that will follow the contour of your head and a wide blade as well so with a few swipes cutting your hair is done. This hair shaver is best for those who often want to have a clean-shaven look. This is also waterproof and cordless.
  8. Remington Virtually Indestructible Barbershop Clipper Kit – with the inclusion of blade oil for easier blade maintenance, it also has 8 comb attachment, beard brush, and a styling comb all for home use. This hair shaver kit is affordable, and with all the included accessories, you are getting your money’s worth.
  9. Oster 606 Pro Pivot Motor Clipper – with attachment options that you will need, although this hair shaver is with the cord it has a powerful motor and not noisy while in use. There is no issue whether it needs to cut wet or dry hair with some blade change and you are ready. Last, it is affordable.

What will happen if my hair shaver is out of warranty and needs repair?

You can contact the manufacturer and ask if they do the repair for a certain fee, or ask what is the best way you can go around the issue, or if they have some other option for you.

Can I replace the blade once it is blunt and dulled?

You may check from the seller where you bought the hair shaver sometimes they are also carrying replacement for blades, or you can also ask directly from the manufacturer just by giving them the model or the hair shaver, and ask if they can have it delivered or whether you can pick it up.


There are some differences in hair shavers. Not only the price, but the materials used. Even the maintenance of each hair shaver differs and, of course, its longevity.

You may look for something specific for your hair shavers so you will need to review the corners before buying one.
If you have the budget for the high-priced hair shaver that will suit all your needs, then you should invest in a hair shaver that will give you the convenience that you want and less of the headache.