Inflatable Boat Review – Best Inflatable Boats Reviews

They use inflatable boats in rescue operations or for recreational purposes. There are many benefits buyers get from their acquisition of an inflatable boat.

Best Inflatable Boat in Comparison

  • Bewertung
  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Material type
    Material type
  • Style
  • Maximum load capacity
    Maximum load capacity
  • Special feature
    Special feature
  • Incl. pump
    Incl. pump
  • Incl. carry bag
    Incl. carry bag
Place 1
Intex Excursion Inflatable Boat
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Size
    315 x 165 x 43 cm
  • Weight
    22.3 kg
  • Material type
  • Style
    4 Person
  • Maximum load capacity
    500 kg
  • Special feature
    With Aluminium Oars
  • Incl. pump
  • Incl. carry bag
Place 2
Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1 Man Canadian
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Size
    363 x 88 cm
  • Weight
    12 kg
  • Material type
  • Style
    3 Person
  • Maximum load capacity
    200 kg
  • Special feature
    3 independent chambers
    Fair price
  • Incl. pump
  • Incl. carry bag
Place 3
Sevylor Unisex Adventure Plus 2-3 Man
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Size
    368 x 86 cm
  • Weight
    15 kg
  • Material type
  • Style
    2-3 Person
  • Maximum load capacity
    200 kg
  • Special feature
    Easy Inflation Valves
    Multiple Chambers
  • Incl. pump
  • Incl. carry bag

What is an Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boats are like traditional boats but made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride fabric) and they make some of newer materials like Hypalon or Neoprene both are synthetic rubbers that are durable and sturdy. There are disadvantages and advantages where PVC was less expensive compared to its counterpart, Hypalon can last longer than the PVC type.

Inflatable Boat and how they are used?

Inflatable Boat and how they are used?Used by first responders or marine rescuers for effective and fast response in saving lives at sea. The Military also uses this boat for its mission or training. Police or law enforcement use inflatable boats to patrol the sea or any bodies of water accessible by boats. Also, inflatable boats are used for commercial purposes where tourists were conveyed to and from their hotel or destination while others use inflatable boats for recreation such as watersport, fishing, exploring, or used for families to relax and have a wonderful adventure at sea.


  • Best to use for recreation. Inflatable boats are mostly purchased for recreation such as simple water navigation, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking and so much more.
  • Light. They now manufacture the newer model in the market to be lightweight compared to its predecessor.
  • Easy to maneuver. Because of the high technology used in inflatable boats such as the flooring used, maneuverability is easy.
  • Stable to use most especially for fishing. Compared to the traditional boat that was usually used for fishing, they consider this inflatable boat more stable and there is lesser movement.
  • Considered safer than the traditional boat.


  • Highly-priced. You may have to pay extra for the model that has the necessities that you need.
  • Difficult to transport. Some inflatable boats do not have wheels for easy transport, which makes it difficult when you need to transfer it somewhere.
  • Hard to store. You cannot store it without drying it up, you will need the right storage for your inflatable boat.
  • Difficult during cold weather. During chilly weather there is difficulty in preparing the boat, such as pumping, and correcting the flooring.
  • It can get punctured. Unlike the traditional boats, the risk of floating boats getting punctured by fishing hooks or knives is high. It will stay afloat though for a time because of the air compartments that will keep it afloat. You may opt to buy the higher-priced model because it is best to withstand some hooks or simple punctures.

What types of Inflatable Boats are there?

What types of Inflatable Boats are there?There are 4 types of inflatable boats and have unique characteristics each. Let us discuss them further.

V-Hull inflatable boat

Considered being lightweight and can hold over one passenger at a time. Better in conveyance compared to an aluminum deck inflatable boat of the same size. The weight makes it possible for it to carry on land. Easier to use because there is no need to install any flooring or deck unlike other types. You just have to inflate it, and then you are ready to go.

Yacht Tenders

Recommended for first-time boat buyers because of its practicality and its price. Size can range from 6 feet to 20 feet sometimes extends a foot or two more. Flooring comprises fabric and slats (wood) layered together to run across the beam and has a 4 inches width. Boats that are sized from 6 feet to 8 feet have a slatted floor. This size cannot do much compared to inflatables with inflatable keel and v-hull. But if your purpose is just for simple recreation and such, this is the best one for you.

Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats or RIBs

This type of Inflatable boat can be customized and turned to a bigger sized craft. Some are sized over 12m long and can convey 16 to 20 people. With a V-shaped hull compared to non-inflatable boats where the difference lies in the inflatable tubes placed in the gunwale.

The tubes make a difference in the performance of this boat because it helps in adding stability and capacity.
Some buyers opt to have the smaller RIBs and partners it with their larger vessels. Sized only below 40 feet and can only hold 4 to 7 people at a time. The advantage of smaller RIBs is the capacity to have further addition of luxury seats and consoles which makes this inflatable boat differ from other inflatables that only have a bottom with a single layer of PVC. Having a single layer of PVC makes the floor unable to accommodate any changes or additions to it. Some have attempted to incorporate seats and such, hoping to add luxury to their inflatable boats, but the results were not satisfying.

High-Performance Hulls

Recommended for professional boat users who can handle a powerful vessel. This inflatable hull has a high-speed performance compared to the other types of inflatable boats. It may also cause accidents for those who are freshly navigating the use of inflatable boats.

This is what we checked in Inflatable Boat Reviews

This is what we checked in Inflatable Boat ReviewsInflatable boats can vary in size, quality, and price. You can get the inflatable that can have the highest price, but it doesn’t mean it will last the longest. Because there is also its care and maintenance. As with all products, inflatable boats also need maintenance.

Below, we will discuss the 4 significant aspects such as materials, longevity, price, and care/maintenance.


The first manufactured inflatable boats comprise synthetic woven material that is covered with layers of protective polymeric coatings to protect it from different environmental factors e.g. heat, wind, dust, etc. they cover fabrics with PVC, Hypalon or neoprene, polyurethane.

PVC is more common compared to Hypalon or Neoprene, which is used with the newer models of inflatable boats.


Inflatable boats made with PVC have some issues with longevity compared to its counterpart Hypalon/Neoprene. Hypalon can outlast inflatable boats made of PVC.


You may buy the commonly available type of inflatable boats made of PVC which are cost-effective and can last you for about 8 to 10 years. The Hypalon/neoprene can last anywhere between 12 years to 20 years.


There are ways to clean your inflatable boats. From drying it up, wiping it with cleaning solution, and to storing it, will add to its life. Maintenance includes checking for any holes or scratches on the outline, seeing to molds and mildews that may thrive on the corners and fold of the inflatable boat.

Buying the Best Inflatable Boat

Buying the Best Inflatable BoatKeep in mind that buying an inflatable boat needs some careful consideration. You need to know for which purpose it is, what material you will get, and the budget is also considered.


  • You should have an idea on what model you want to get, you can have at least 2 or 3 models you can compare and review when you are inside the store.
  • It will benefit you to get to a store with many options for inflatable boats. You must also have some idea about the product you are planning to buy.
  • Go to a reputable store that you know will sell you the best and original product.
  • When inside the store, try to get the feel of each inflatable boat you want to purchase and see what features each inflatable has. You may need to check the make of the boat, whether they make it of PVC or Hypalon, try a brunt test if you can.
  • You may like to ask help from the store and they can give you some advice on what is the best inflatable boat to get, you may need to mention the purpose of why you are getting one.
  • Sellers are also knowledgeable about the product they sell so you won’t be wasting your time asking them and having a pleasant conversation with them so you can come up with the best inflatable boat to purchase.


  • The best thing about an online purchase is that you can get information from the seller. They will answer any of your questions about the product you are planning to buy.
  • You should be armed with the knowledge of the reviews you made from which materials are best and what model you should buy.
  • You will be more than informed about the prices of each because of the comparison you have made during the online reading.
  • There is a group forum about inflatable boats that can help you during your search. There are also people there who can answer your queries too. You may also go to other sites about inflatable boats and read reviews of different buyers or customers. Also, there are sites where you can make a comparison of 2 to 3 types of inflatable boats and they will provide important information for you.
  • Ask also about delivery and how the inflatable boat will reach you.
  • They should also include the warranty in the discussion.

FAQ about the best Inflatable Boat

What are the best inflatable boats available in the market?

What are the best inflatable boats available in the market?Intel Excursion 5 person inflatable boat – best for recreation, made of vinyl materials that are sturdy and can hold up even with its full capacity. However, you can no longer bring camping gear and such if you have 5 people inside.

Intex Seahawk 4 person inflatable boat

Made up of vinyl with the inclusion of a pump. It can last long even with a few wear and tear. Stay away from direct punctures that may cause severe damage to your boat. Perfect for fishing and can hold your fishing gears as well in its space. Easy to maneuver.

Intex Mariner 4 Person Inflatable Boat

You can use this during your fishing expedition with friends. It can accommodate up to 4 people with more room for your gears and important stuff. Made of vinyl that is both sturdy and tough. The seat cushion is also not something to scoff at because they build it with comfort in mind, which makes this inflatable one of the best there is.

Newport Vessels Sport Dinghy Inflatable Boat

Considered a powerful and fast inflatable boat, with an attachable engine which can make this boat go to as fast as 20mph. There is an inflatable tube on both to give this inflatable both extra buoyancy it needs and help with its stability.

Even running at its max speed there is no danger of passenger falling off the boat because this boat will be steady and grounded.

Intex Explorer 200 Inflatable Boat

If you are looking for an inflatable boat that will not keep your budget on the edge, this one is for you. This boat can carry up to 2 people. Enough to provide fun for you and your children while in the pool or calm waters. There is also the inclusion of 2 air chambers for safety. The floor is rigid and is built for comfort. This inflatable boat can hold up to 210 pounds.

Which is the better option for an inflatable boat?

PVC material is commonly used but other people think Hypalon is longer lasting even if it is highly-priced.

Is it expensive to maintain an inflatable boat? There is not much maintenance needed as long as you keep it clean after using it and do not store it while there is some water pooling. Checking for wear and tear now and then is a must.

Is there any store that carries parts for inflatable boats? You can buy directly from the manufacturer of the inflatable boat or you can also check online for sellers who may sell inflatable boat parts.


With inflatable boats, it may benefit you more if you choose the high-end inflatable boats because they are made of tougher materials and are made with care and come highly recommended. If you can shell out extra for you to get a better model or you can save until you can afford the high-end model it would be the best thing because you are sure to enjoy not just its quality but its longevity.