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Playing the piano takes concentration, and it is not just a musical tool that you play for just a short period, but rather you tend to spend a lot of time honing your skill in playing it. On that note, a piano stool needs to bring comfort and added support for piano users.
A piano stool can make a difference in how a pianist plays the piano or even anyone who is just starting to discover the piano instrument.

Best Piano Stool in Comparison

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Yamaha B1 Black
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Roland RPB-100
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    330 x 600 x 110 mm
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Konig & Meyer 14066
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    Konig & Meyer
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    540 x 300 x 120 mm
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What is Piano Stool?

They also know a piano stool as a bench or a chair used as a durable base to support the body while using the piano.

A piano stool need not be too soft that it makes it hard for the piano player to press on the keys with the needed strength.
The chair should have the right spring to it with comfortable padding that is not extremely soft. It should have the option for height adjustment and should depend on how the piano user can reach the piano keys easily.

Piano Stool and how they are used?

They use the piano stool as a bench or chair for when a person will use or play the piano. The said stool will make it comfortable for the user to sit on it, making the playing of the instrument possible. They will also develop the playing style of the piano user with the help of the right piano stool.


  • What is Piano Stool in test?Having the right piano stool helps the user maintain their posture and poise while playing the instrument.
  • The piano stool helps the player maintain the proper height, making them play well with no hardships in reaching for the keys or difficulties in pushing keys as needed.
  • With the right piano stool, longer playing time is possible without having pains in the backside.
  • They support the practice for longer periods. The piano player will also get comfortable while using the instrument, even for long hours.
  • Can be used for years without the need for frequent replacement. If the right piano stool is chosen, the piano user can enjoy it as their body get acclimatized with the comfort it brings while they are playing the piano.
  • Users of other musical instruments can also use the piano stool.
  • The best piano stool can support any user of any weight or height.
  • It can be a classy addition to your home once you get the right design and style, plus the comfort that you are looking for in a piano chair.
  • There are different materials of the chair to choose from, such as metal, iron, and wood.
  • It doubles as storage space and a bench.
  • You can also choose the length or width for when you like the chair to accommodate over one user.


  • If a poor design of the piano stool is chosen, the piano player will get a tough time staying on the stool for long periods, and it compromises even their playing.
  • A wrong piano stool can also get other users injured. Say a not so sturdy stool cannot support well built or heavy users.
  • An incorrect piano stool can cause discomfort and back pain to the users.
  • Performance is affected by a low-quality piano bench.
  • Some adjustable piano bench gets creaks in the screws and hinges and may need a check-up from time to time.

What types of Piano Stool are there?

Different types of piano stools are available today.

What types of Piano Stool are there?The Traditional Duet Piano Bench – This type has been widely used both by common and professional users. It has a spacious sitting surface, plus the length of the chair can accommodate over one piano player. With a storage compartment included in its design plus a hinged top that makes it easier to open and close it.

There are different colors available, and leg style can be customized as well. Although some can sit with a wooden piano bench, it also has a fully padded version to make it comfier for other users.

This traditional piano bench is sturdy and can be used for many years.

Adjustable Piano Stool – This piano stool has many color varieties, unique designs that include a well-padded seat, plus customization is available. Many pianists prefer this piano stool as it can accommodate players of different height and weight. Its height can be adjusted from eighteen to a maximum of twenty-four inches. Storage is also no issue with this stool as you have a fully cushioned chair to sit on at the same time storage for the list of a piano piece to play for many hours.

Double Piano Stool/Bench – Mostly used by piano teacher plus student, which makes it easier to play side by side without a need for extra space to place an additional seat in. This is also popular during shows for piano players who play with duet piano. It can be adjusted to a height you prefer, or there is also a fixed height stool that is available.

Round Piano Stool – Has a rounded shaped compared to the rectangular-shaped piano chair.

Music Stool with Backrest – It comes with a backrest to help piano users rest in between piano playing. It is not just for piano users, but also for users of other musical instruments.

Types according to shape;

  • Rectangular
  • Round

Types according to the material:

  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Metal

This is what we check in Piano Stool Reviews

Most manufacturers will swear by their product that it is of high quality and top of the line, but of course, there is still a difference in each product we buy. Here, we have checked four important qualifications that include material, price, longevity, and cleaning.


This is what we check in Piano Stool ReviewsThe piano stool differs in the material used, such as the wood as a based on these chairs. There is also the padding, cushion, and covering that is either made of high-quality leather or synthetic leather. The paint differs also and will depend on what color you prefer, such as walnut color, mahogany, and ebony. Then there is an antique piano stool with beautiful carvings available for meticulous piano players.


The manufacturing style differs from the piano chair where most of the stool can last for years. Most of these manufacturers will see to it that they have painstakingly considered the correct materials, plus the quality checking are in place.
We can enjoy most piano stools for a long time.


For a standard stool that can be enjoyed for a few years with the usual design and padding, the price is affordable between $150 to $200 apiece. While for a high-end piano stool that can either be adjusted, or fixed with some carvings can fetch for $200 to less than a thousand dollars.


We can revive even an old piano stool with some cleaning, what more if you keep it maintained and cleaned regularly?

With just a simple wiping with the use of microfiber clothing, dust and grime build-up can be removed on both the stool feet and the cushion.
Make sure you have checked the corners and curves as some dirt sticks and hide in small spaces. Also, by cleaning and scheduled maintenance, you are sure of your piano stool longevity.

Buying the Best Piano Stool

A piano is not complete without an equal piano stool, and you can buy from instore or online. Both ways of purchasing are easy as long as you do your due diligence before purchasing.


  • Buying the Best Piano Stool todayWhich would you prefer to buy, is it a height-adjustable piano stool, or you want a fixed stool? Both can be an advantage to you, but if you are not the only one who will use the piano, maybe it is best to go for a stool that can be adjusted.
  • A height-adjustable stool can also benefit you if you have issues with your arms getting tired easily, and with the adjustable stool, you can change your reach easily.
  • They can check this when you are in store, and some store carries unique designs of the adjustable piano stool.
  • What color do you prefer? Are you more into light colors, or you would rather have a dark-colored piano stool, which can also be an advantage if you don’t like dust easily seen?
  • Check if you are comfortable while you are sitting on the piano stool, and you can also decide whether you like the cloth used in the padding or how soft the padding is. Be able to know if you might sit on that stool for long, most especially if you take hours playing with the piano.
  • Some stools are easily movable and can be folded, and some stores may have this on hand, you can also check this one out and should be easy to fold.
  • This is also the time for you to check on the price, compare each piano stool at hand, and review your options. You may shell out a bit more for something that is high quality, with additional features that you can use for many years than save a bit of money with a simple piano stool that you may need to replace after only a year or so.


With this technology of browsing online and making an easy purchase, online buying can be used to your advantage during these times.

  • You must have the idea of what you need to buy and what will work for you while you play the piano.
  • If you are not particular with the original designs and options, then you can browse online, so you can familiarize yourself with the available piano stools.
  • Browsing online can also help you in checking the price. You can review the prices at the same time as this will help you know which one you can easily afford.
  • Ask online sellers about any discount for a piano stool that you like, sometimes online sellers will give you discounts so they can get a sales quota
  • You can also check online on which online sellers are having a discount sale and such.
  • The warranty is also another topic to discuss with the seller. Ask how many years is the warranty good for.

FAQ about the Best Piano Stool

How do I choose the right piano stool for me?

How do I choose the right piano stool for me?You should know what features you are after. If you are after comfort, then a good piano stool with nice padding can be your choice, or if you are more about the size and width of your piano stool, then you can get the longer stool that can even accommodate two people at the same time. Are you particular with the height-adjustable feature? These are questions you should ask yourself to make you decide better.

Do I need to buy a piano stool?

If you are a frequent piano player or you have a long vision of using the piano for good, then it is wise to also invest in a piano stool. You cannot save money just because you can use your dining chair while you play the piano, but what you should rather focus on is the comfort and its effect on your performance that you should focus on.

What are the best piano stools to buy today?

  1. ONGMICS ULPB55H – wooden piano stool plus storage
  2. AW -Best White Piano Bench
  3. Best Padded X-style Piano Bench -Yamaha Pkbb1
  4. Best Piano Bench for 2 Person -HomXom
  5. On Stage KT-7800 Keyboard Bench
  6. Best Classic Piano Bench


A piano stool can affect your performance, for when you need to play for long hours, an unsuitable piano stool can do more harm than good. It can hurt your back, it can also cause pain in your arms, or your arms may get tired easily after some time of playing.
But if you invest in a piano stool that would suit your need and fit your piano playing style, you are really at an advantage.

You can focus more on what piano piece you are playing instead of your back that is hurting, or you can play long periods instead of finding reasons not to play the piano.

The best piano stool can be a wise investment and can last for years.