Wine Fridge Review – Best Wine Fridges Reviews

Wine fridge may be the answer to your wine storage issue. If you are saving some bottles of your favorite wine for a birthday, special occasion, or even just to have a wine to sip every night, then a good wine fridge may be a good idea.

Best Wine Fridge in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency
  • Bottle shelves
    Bottle shelves
  • Rated Voltage
    Rated Voltage
  • Rated Power
    Rated Power
  • Volume
  • Temperature zones
    Temperature zones
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Touch Controls
    Touch Controls
  • LED Lighting
    LED Lighting
Cookology TWC18BK Wine Fridge
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    18.6 kg
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Bottle shelves
  • Rated Voltage
    220-240 V
  • Rated Power
    100 W
  • Volume
    53 Litres
  • Temperature zones
  • Key benefits
    No Vibration
    Blue Digital Display
    Reduced Noise
  • Touch Controls
  • LED Lighting
Place 2
Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Wine Fridge
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
    Russell Hobbs
  • Weight
    29 kg
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Bottle shelves
  • Rated Voltage
    220 - 240 V
  • Rated Power
    140 W
  • Volume
    93 Litres
  • Temperature zones
  • Key benefits
    High quality
    6 shelves and a basket
    Touch buttons
  • Touch Controls
  • LED Lighting
Good offer
Subcold Viva16 Wine Fridge
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    17 kg
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Bottle shelves
  • Rated Voltage
    230 V
  • Rated Power
    85 W
  • Volume
    48 Litres
  • Temperature zones
  • Key benefits
    Modern design
    Low noise
    Security Lock
  • Touch Controls
  • LED Lighting

What is a Wine Fridge?

A wine fridge is mainly used to store wine, and by doing so, it keeps the flavors intact. The temperature inside a wine fridge is just right to keep the wine fresh and contain its crisp, rich, and rounded taste.
The ideal temperature for wine is between 45 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine fridge may be the best solution if you have a house with poor insulation, or you have a home that is sweltering with heat. Having such an environment is a surefire way to spoil your wines.

Wine Fridge and how they are used?

Wine Fridge and how they are used?Wine fridge can keep the flavor of young and aged wine intact. Wine fridge has an open acrylic cylinder with double thermal insulation that keeps warm air out. They protect the wines from inconsistent temperature as the inner space has just the right temperature.
There is also no natural light in a wine fridge because wines that are exposed to light can alter its taste.
When you place your wines inside a wine fridge, you will have a steady supply of finest and best-tasting wine.


  • Your wine has a specified place for storage instead of putting them in a box, the standard fridge, or just letting it stale in your cupboard.
  • There is a steady temperature that will be helpful to your expensive and aged wines.
  • There is no light to alter the taste of your fine wine.
  • You will not worry about your wine collection anymore.
  • You have a steady supply of wine for when you have visitors, or you just want a glass of wine every night.
  • It will not cause too much in electricity bills.
  • There is an affordable brand available in the market.
  • You can stock your wine without a need for a larger space.
  • Some wine fridge has features such as giving off signals when there is a door left open or the temperature is not right.
  • Wine fridge can be moved anywhere inside your house.
  • There are many designs to choose from and can fit any home design.


  • Not ideal for a long-term storage option for your wine
  • We cannot control humidity levels in some wine fridge
  • There is also the cork that dries out while in the fridge, this will become brittle, and then after it does the cork will start showing fissure that may expose the wine and eventually ruin its perfect state.

What types of Wine Fridge are there?

What types of Wine Fridge are there?Wine fridge according to the type of technology

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – Consumes very little energy with no danger of over freezing. No noise as it uses electric current less the compressors, motors, and other mechanisms.
Compressor Wine Cooler – Less to no noise when in use with the technology of air compression. Cooling capacity is of high quality.

Wine fridge according to dimension:

Large Wine Fridge – If you are a wine lover with a vast collection of wines, then this is the best wine fridge for you. It is big and spacious and can hold many bottles of wine.
Tall Wine Fridge – If you are after a wine fridge that will elegantly fit in your narrow space, this is the best choice for you. It is elegant, tall, and classy, with a need for a small space.
Mini Wine Fridge – The best option for hotels where some cooling of wine, beer, and other juice is required in every room.

Wine fridge type according to temperature zone

Dual-zone wine fridge – You can keep your wines that require different temperatures here.
Single zone wine fridge – Storage capacity can be over 150 bottles and can fit in any area of the kitchen.
Multi-zone wine fridge – You can store almost a hundred wine bottles in different locations of your wine fridge, having different temperatures with each location.

Wine fridge type according to location

Under counter wine fridge – Can be your wine storage solution for your kitchen, cafe or restaurants. With its classy and stylish design plus the compact while spacious inner spaces can accommodate wine or beer.

Freestanding wine cooler – Designed for stand-alone and is not built-in. It can accommodate many bottles of wine.
Countertop wine cooler – A small type of wine storage that can only hold up to 23 to 25 wine bottles.

This is what we check in Wine Fridge Reviews

This is what we check in Wine Fridge ReviewsThe invention of the wine fridge is a big help for the wine connoisseur. With it, they can keep their wines stored with the flavors intact. With this review, we have focused on four important aspects that include materials, price, cleaning, and its longevity.


Materials used in the wine fridge are sheet metal, with insulation and plastic plus some fiberglass and polyfoam on some sides. The components include aluminum, copper, or alloy and compressor.


The wine fridge can be enjoyed for 5-years to 10-years. Some environmental conditions are present and may cause the lifespan of your wine fridge to shorten. Environmental factors such as extreme conditions or where your fridge is placed. If it is in an area where it gets splattered with water, or it catches the sun’s rays, such factors will also lend to its life getting shortened.


The price of the wine fridge differs. If you need just a wine fridge that can hold not over 50 wine bottles may cost you anywhere between $250 to $800. But if you want a wine fridge that can hold more than a hundred wine bottles, then prepare to pay anywhere between $800 to two thousand dollars and up.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your wine fridge working efficiently. Always unplug it first before doing anything else with it.

You may use a cleaning solution such as baking soda mixed with water and a clean cloth. You need to make sure that every edge and corner is cleaned and scoured.
Make sure you check the inside for any molds that may thrive and eliminate it in the soonest time.

Buying the Best Wine Fridge

Buying the Best Wine FridgeBuying a product in a physical store is a good thing and be helpful to you cause you will see the physical product and check it, including the design plus color that will fit in your home.


  • You can browse the wine fridge online, even if you are buying the product instore.
  • Ask yourself why you need a wine fridge? Is it for visitors who might come over? Or is it just for your use?
  • What size will you need? How many wine bottles are you going to store in your fridge?
  • Where you will place the wine fridge is important also, since the type and size of the wine fridge will depend on it.
  • Check what is available in the store or what is on display.
  • Ask help from the store seller so you can also get insights from them.
  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat, since you are inside the store, you can check on this one.
  • We must also consider the energy efficiency level of the wine fridge.
  • You may also consider whether you are to get a compressor or thermoelectric wine fridge.
  • Warranty is a significant factor when choosing a product so best to know if you are getting your money’s worth.


If you are buying online, some checking and reviews are necessary.

  • The best ally when buying any product online is reading reviews and making comparisons of said reviews. If one product or brand has more positive reviews, then it says much about the quality of the said product.
  • Reviews will also help you in choosing which online seller to go for because customers who have bought from them will either have good things to say about them or negative reviews.
  • Choose the best one with more excellent reviews.
  • Compare prices while you are online by browsing and checking which store will offer you a better price.
  • You also need to do your homework by knowing what you need for your home, what your wine storage requires.
  • When you have the right online seller that you think can sell you the right product, be ready with your inquiries.
  • Most of the online sellers are willing and ready to help you so you can decide the fastest and easiest way on the wine fridge you will purchase.

FAQ about the Best Wine Fridge

Which wine fridge should I go for?

FAQ about the Best Wine FridgeIf you just need a wine fridge that can hold your daily wine requirements a small wine fridge can suffice. If you have a vast wine collection, though, get a wine fridge that is spacious and is right for storing many wine bottles.

Can I put food inside a wine fridge?

You can put some fruits, but not if it is overpowering the space is supposedly for your wine alone. The temperature will change if you are to put too much food and fruits inside.

Is a wine fridge a worthy investment?

For those who love wine, this is no question to them. If you are not much of a wine connoisseur and are all right with placing your wine in the fridge, then an investment of wine fridge may be overreaching. If you are a wine lover and have a good deal of wine collection, it is a wise investment.

Where should I place my wine fridge?

You should place it away from sunlight as light is not kind of wine. It should be located where you can easily access the fridge though, so that if you have visitors or you need to get a glass of wine for yourself you need not climb somewhere just to get a bottle.

Can I not store my wine collection in a regular fridge?

There is an ideal temperature for wine, which a regular fridge doesn’t have. There should be a steady humidity and low temperature to keep the wine taste fresh.

What is the best wine fridge for wine with different bottle sizes?

Allavino wine cellar refrigeration – VSWR56-ISSRN is a superb choice for this model has a flex count shelving that can accommodate bottles of different sizes. It has a sleek and classy design that can have a contemporary look that can fit any home design.

How about if I want a budget wine fridge or something affordable?

You can get a Kalamera 50 bottle compressor wine refrigeration with touch control – a single zone that is considered affordable without giving up on beauty and features. With blue led lights, double-layer glass and a stainless steel door. They can remove the beech racks to accommodate wider bottles. It is elegant and classy.

What is the top 7 wine fridge that is for sale in the market?

  1. Whynter 20 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator
  2. NewAir 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
  3. NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
  4. Wine Enthusiast 20 Bottle Evolution Series Wine Refrigerator
  5. Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
  6. NewAir 116 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar
  7. Vinotemp 7 Bottle Freestanding/Built-in Wine Refrigerator


Conclusion about the Wine Fridge in ReviewA wine fridge is getting to be a primary addition in homes with people who love wine. A wine fridge is a sure-fire way to keep the fresh and the whole taste of your wine intact. You need not stress yourself on where you should store your wine collection as a wine fridge can keep it for you, and it is well protected inside your home.

It is a wise investment compared to having your wine placed inside the fridge where the taste can easily alter after a week or even in just a few days.

You couldn’t be more pleased with the investment that you made when you finally have a cool, and crisp wine every night and when you have a great collection of wine that you can offer to your special visitors – and one that has the right temperature for savoring.