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When you are working out or exercising, you can be full of sweat, especially when you’ve been at it for many hours. Your sweat can seep through the mat you’ve been using, and so do many others who have used it before you. Some mats may not be frequently cleaned, and they can harbor germs, including dust and dirt, but when you have a yoga towel, you can use it to protect your body. You are at least ensured that it will not transfer from the mat to your skin.

We have here the reviews we made about yoga towels. The customer’s opinions and reports helped us in making this review possible.

Best Yoga Towels in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Item dimensions
    Item dimensions
  • Weight
  • Special features
    Special features
  • Other colors available
    Other colors available
  • Fast dry
    Fast dry
Gaiam Stay Put Yoga
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
    88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide
  • Item dimensions
    68 x 3 x 24 cm
  • Weight
    463 Grams
  • Special features
    High quality
    Hypoallergenic microfiber
  • Other colors available
  • Fast dry
2. place
Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
    Microfiber, Cotton
  • Item dimensions
    185 x 0.3 x 65 cm
  • Weight
    589.67 Grams
  • Special features
    Innovative Microfiber Material
    Ingenious Corner Pockets Design
  • Other colors available
  • Fast dry
3. place
adorence Non Slip Yoga Towel
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Item dimensions
    26.49 x 16.61 x 10.59 cm
  • Weight
    599 Grams
  • Special features
    Real Non Slip
    Fast Absorbent Material
    Carry Bag
  • Other colors available
  • Fast dry

What is a Yoga Towel?

What is a Yoga Towel?

Yoga towels became popular for yoga fans. They find that the yoga mat alone will not give much protection from slipping and sweaty exterior, which can even cause slipping or any other injury to the user of the mat. Now, yoga enthusiasts find the towel something they can’t live without, cause they use it to prevent their sweat from transferring to the mat and the unseen dried sweat from the mat to rub on their skin, which is not hygienic.

The user of the yoga towel can also enjoy the yoga towel with the different poses they do without the danger of slipping on the yoga mat.

Yoga Towel and how it is used?

The towel is used mostly by yoga enthusiasts to cover the yoga mat with a yoga towel. It has different sizes to choose from with different fabrics.

The towel makes it possible for the users to increase their grip and absorb their sweat. It also protects them from sliding on the mat and making their poses impossible, especially when sweat appears.

The mat tends to move, and this is a danger in itself as you push it while you are doing your yoga poses and you may risk injury in the long run.

A yoga towel will also absorb your sweat better, and you will not be transferring your perspiration on the mat, which will cause discomfort.


  • Yoga Towel and how it is used?Protects you from getting injured with a sweaty mat.
  • It gives you protection from a smelly yoga mat and keeps your skin away from the surface that may have dirt or sweat as well.
  • Provides cushion that is dry and comfortable.
  • Enhances your yoga moves and poses with it, providing you dry hands and dry skin.
  • It stops you from slipping or sliding in the yoga mat.
  • Protects you from getting injured while using your yoga mat.
  • It will not slide, or bunch, but will be in place because of the nubs on the underside to keep it from moving.
  • The right size for the yoga activity that you will be doing.
  • Worth the price for the advantage it will give to its users.
  • Many types of fabric and style to choose from, as well as color.
  • It can make your yoga sessions, stylish.


  • Some yoga towels bleed, and maybe because of the fabric used. This may be uncomfortable, especially when you sweat too much and the towel bleeds.
  • Some towels may be expensive, it can be attributed to the brand and the type of fabric used.
  • Some brands do not have many color options.
  • Some towels get too full of sweat while in session.
  • Other yoga towels are heavier as compared to some brands.
  • Yoga towels sometimes get uncomfortable as the fabric used may be too thin and bunches up while in use.

Types of Yoga Towel

Types according to skid prevention

Types according to skid preventionThis type of yoga towel promises a high performance by giving the users safety while doing the activity. It will not suddenly skid or slide when they are posing, even when there is sweat on the towel.

It will not also bunch, even with frequent use. This type of towel has Patented Skidless Technology as the bottom of the towel is covered with little silicon modules that help keep the towel in place.

Type according to weight

The lightweight yoga towel is preferred by many yoga fans because they can carry it with them anywhere, anytime. This boasts of a highly absorbent fiber and a quick-dry feature. Edges are well-made that even with frequent use, they will not easily fray or tear after some time.

It is also well designed so it will not bunch, skid or slip.

Recycled type of yoga towels

This comes without the silicone nodules, but it can absorb a moderate or light amount of sweat. It has a suede feel to it since they make it of recycled materials. The towel, even if recycled materials were used, also offers exceptional durability, is lightweight, and has a forceful grip even with the presence of sweat.

Another good thing about this type is its non-bunching feature and the non-slip quality.

According to thickness for those who sweat heavily

Best used for people who sweat a lot and need a thicker type of yoga towel. It is hypoallergenic, and fiber is non-permeable quality, so it can keep your towel dry for long.

Super absorbent micro-fibers were used in its manufacture, which helps in absorbing sweat. They used polyester and nylon in making this towel, making it soft and providing more comfort.

There is a different size to choose from, and colors depending on the user’s preference. It can be washed in a machine after use.

Type according to the softness

Another type is a yoga towel that provides an extra cushion when you are doing your yoga practice because of its microfibers that are both non-slip and non-skid at the same time. Perfectly sized to pair with your yoga mats. Another quality is its super absorbent feature as it absorbs sweat that is almost seven times its weight. The best towel there is if you need a perfect companion during your sweaty yoga sessions.

This is what we check in Yoga Towel Reviews

This is what we check in Yoga Towel ReviewsWe have reviewed the four most important aspects of this product, such as materials, longevity, price, and the cleaning required to keep it in top shape.

When we buy products of any kind, we ensure we are buying the best and making sure that it is worth the money we will spend.


Materials used in the making of most yoga towels are made from the softest materials and have microfibers to add to their softness. They ensure the materials used are super absorbent and comfortable while in use.


The longevity of the yoga towel will depend on the materials used during manufacture. They make most of the yoga towels in the market with durability and comfort in mind. Most of these towels can last for years with their highly absorbent and sturdy quality.


There are yoga towels you can get for as low as $14 without silicone non-slip grips. But still, be useful in absorbing sweat. It is super absorbent with corner pockets to hook to your mat while you are in practice.

Some yoga towels range from $30 up to $80.


Yoga towels may be hand-washed, and you may use mild detergent for it. It is not advised to put bleach on it and have the color change or ruined. Applying fabric conditioner is also not ideal when washing your yoga towels.

We can wash some towels via machine, but should not use hot water while doing so. Do not leave it in the machine for days, but air-drying it is your best option.

Buying the Best Yoga Towel

Yoga maybe your best stress-reliever, and it calms you every time you are in a yoga practice, but what if you have a yoga towel that doesn’t do the job for you? It keeps you sweaty and makes you uncomfortable. It is ideal to have some ideas when you buy a yoga towel, whether in a store or online. Here are some that will help.

Buying it in a store

  • Buying the Best Yoga TowelOnce you are inside the store, you have the freedom to choose the design and style, plus the material of the yoga towel you will buy. A yoga towel requires an inspection before you buy one.
  • Check the material used to cause some materials to work best more than the other. Microfiber is the most widespread material used for yoga towel because of its durability and softness. If you plan on buying other materials, make sure that it is the right one for your needs.
  • Absorption quality must be number one on your list. Pick a yoga towel that has the feature of quick-absorbing, lightweight, and protection from moisture. If you sweat heavily, you may need a thicker towel to work for you, while a thinner quality towel is best for those who sweat and practice less.
  • Durability is also another consideration. When you are in the store, check the best-selling yoga towels cause this means it satisfies many with their performance, and more people would like to use them.
  • Price should also be on your tick list cause you need to buy what will work for your budget. Even if there are also cheap price towels, it is also not a sign that you should pick it, but instead select one with a lower price with the best features that will still work to your advantage.
  • You should know what size of the towel you will need if you already have a mat. Make sure you have measured the mat, so the towel you will use will cover it without leaving some parts exposed if you buy a yoga towel that is ill-fitting.
  • Pick a store that will sell you only the best quality yoga towels and not buy from those sellers that will offer you a yoga towel at such a low price and which you can use only once or twice.

Buying a Yoga Towel online

  • Since this is the easiest way to buy yoga towels nowadays without leaving your home, it is also vital that you know where to purchase your towel or which online seller will sell you the best yoga towel.
  • What helps those who want to purchase online are the reviews they read and the comparisons some users of these products, have provided. This will make those who want to buy decide on which product will be best for them.
  • You need to take time to find out what yoga towel you like and if this yoga towel has positive reviews.
  • It will not take you much time to do your research and read reviews since you are just doing it all online and the information is available.

FAQ about the Best Yoga Towel

What are the best yoga towels that are best sellers and affordable?

  1. What are the best yoga towels that are best sellers and affordable?IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel
  2. ReeHut Hot Yoga Towel
  3. Yoga Mate Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Size Towel
  4. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel
  5. Heathyoga Hot Yoga Towel Non-Slip

What should be my consideration if I sweat a lot?

You should consider a thicker type of yoga towel, plus it should have a quick-dry feature and super absorbent. This will keep you from getting uncomfortable while doing your yoga practice since the towel will control the sweat and moisture that will cling to your skin.

What should I consider when getting a yoga towel?

You should have this on your tick list, a towel that is lightweight, absorbent, compact, quick-dry, has the right thickness, with undersole grip, should be sand repellent, and has a moisture-activated grip. You may find these in one yoga towel, but it may cost you more to purchase. If you are looking for an all-around yoga towel, then saving some for the best yoga towel is to your advantage.


A yoga towel is one requirement when you love yoga. It gives you comfort, and it also keeps you safe from any injuries that may arise with a slippery mat or sweaty yoga mats.

What will just confuse you is choosing the best yoga towel to purchase but as long as you keep in mind what matters to you most then you can’t go wrong with your quest in finding the best yoga towel.