Dog Kennel Review – Best Dog Kennels Reviews

The kennel is aptly used for dogs for their security. The use of kennel is very important to dog owners. It is more often used when the dog is just being introduced inside a home or a certain area.  A kennel will also be safer and, at the same time, will leave them room to play.

Best Dog Kennels in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Roof is removable
    Roof is removable
  • Waterproof
Ferplast Outdoor Kennel
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    6.02 kg
  • Dimensions
    73 x 53 x 59 cm
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material
    Aluminium, Plastic
  • Key benefits
    Easy maintenance
    Highest quality
    For Daily Us
  • Roof is removable
  • Waterproof
Place 2
Hobbydog Dog House
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    0.980 kg
  • Dimensions
    52 x 46 x 53 cm
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material
    Nylon fabric
  • Key benefits
    Increased scratch resistance
    Easy to use
    Light weight
  • Roof is removable
  • Waterproof
Good offer
CROCI Recycled Kennel Villa
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    2.58 kg
  • Dimensions
    60 x 50 x 41 cm
  • Size
  • Colour
    Dark green
  • Material
  • Key benefits
    Quick and easy to disassemble and clean
    Optimal air circulation
    Elegant look
  • Roof is removable
  • Waterproof

What is a Dog Kennel?

Dog Kennel has been around for decades. It was used during the 1960s to transport dogs and was made of different materials back then.

It was originally made from wood until they added other materials to the option in recent years. From wood, they added plastic, then canvas and metal.

Dog Kennel and how they are used?

They use dog kennels during dog training, for transport, to stop destructive behavior, during travel, safety, and security for the dog.  They make the dog stay inside the kennel for a few hours, where some dog owners make their dogs stay at night while they sleep. Dog Kennels are appropriately used when there is a new dog that has to be toilet trained and if the dog is being destructive like chewing on wires, appliances, and furniture. Some dogs can even chew on things that may be poisonous to them. Just like a child, a dog, most especially, puppies must be protected.


  • Dog Kennel and how they are used?Keeps the dog safe from running around or going out and getting lost.
  • Stops the dog from chewing on cords, furniture, and other appliances.
  • Helps during house training, so that they will train the dog not to soil the carpet or flooring, and to train him in peeing and pooping.
  • It serves as the dog’s bed and his safe space
  • They also use it during dog breeding.
  • To serve as confinement when there are visitors.
  • Stops them from getting playful with other people or stops incidents of biting and bad behavior.


  • Some dogs have a reverse effect when place inside a kennel.
  • Other dogs get aggressive once placed in a kennel.
  • Being inside a dog kennel causes anxiety in some dogs.
  • Makes other dogs behave negatively.
  • Some dogs chew on their kennel and will cost you more for replacement.

What types of Dog Kennel are there?

Here are the distinct types of Dog Kennel

What types of Dog Kennel are there?Plastic/Portable Dog Kennel – most often used for small-sized dogs and made of a thick plastic material. Usually carried by dog owners when they travel with their pet, or if there is just a need to keep them from running away easily. Most pets traveling by plane, by car, or via cargo are placed inside this type of kennel.

Folding Dog Kennel – Made of wire and can be folded. Most dog owners prefer this type since it is more manageable and easy to store. It also comes in original sizes, so best for unique dog breeds.  This kennel is airy and mostly used for dogs with thick fur because they will be doubly comfortable inside this kennel.  Owners use a cushion or thick cloth, even blankets, to keep the dogs comfortable inside. The benefit of this dog kennel is that it is easy to clean, but the downside is that some dogs are just too smart that they can open the latch easily.

Canvas or Nylon Kennel – Usually preferable for dogs who are easier to train and will not choose to chew on his kennel. Since they make this type of a kennel from canvas, it is easy to chew on and damage it in just a few rips. We cannot leave dogs for a long time inside this kennel.
A toy dog can be managed here compared to large breed dogs. This kennel may work for puppies for their house training and will be comfortable for them because of the soft cushion. Dog owners may just replace it when the dog turns 3 to 5 months or up.

Metal Kennel or Heavy Duty Kennel – This kennel is widely used for dogs of larger breeds and who can easily rip apart smaller type of kennel or kennels made of canvas and wire. Also, preferred by dog owners who have dogs who easily escape confinement.
This is not a jail, though, for your enormous breed dogs or those dogs with anxiety because it will just create a negative effect on them if you placed them in a metal kennel for the wrong reasons.

Fashion KennelFashion Kennel – This has been booming for a few years now. Maybe dog owners who still want to have their dogs with them, but still need the extra space, still useful instead of just using it to place the kennel. Some, incorporate the kennel with a desk or even a coffee table where the dog can easily fit.

This may be ideal for when the family is in the living room, and they are all on the couch, and the dog has their specific space just for them.

Other dog owners don’t prefer this kennel, though, because they still want to move their kennel wherever and if it also serves as their coffee table in the living room, moving it anywhere will be somewhat impossible.  Also, this will cost more for the dog owner, especially if they will have a customized dog kennel.

Outdoor modular kennel – This type of kennel is mostly used during family outings, and they want to bring their pets with them but don’t like to worry about using a harness. Ideal for dog owners who want a big space for their dog and, at the same time, keep them freely moving inside. This is also the best way to monitor their pets.

Playpen Kennel – Ideal for small dogs or puppies. Just like the playpen for children, but this one is specifically designed for your dog.

This kennel doesn’t have a covering on top, but has the right enclosure to keep their pets inside and not running around the area or room.
Also, this is used for exercising puppies or used when you need to put them out for morning sunlight.

This is what we check in Dog Kennel Reviews.

This is what we check in Dog Kennel Reviews.We checked four significant factors in this review, and it includes the materials used, the longevity of the dog kennel, its price, and the cleaning to maintain its quality. Below, you will see the results.


Materials vary in the dog kennel. There are solid wood materials, heavy-duty metal, a kennel that is made of wire, hard plastic, and there are canvas made kennel.  Each has its advantage and will depend on the dog owner on what they see fit for their pets


Metal made kennel is more durable and sturdy can last for years. Wood is also good, if you don’t need a metal kennel for your dog or if you are just going to use your kennel for half an hour every day, then wood is ideal as it will also last for years.


You can have the dog kennel customized if you want to follow a certain size or dimension to fit inside your house. But for the ready-made kennel, you can spend anywhere between $35 to a few hundred bucks. For decorative or customized kennel, the range is anywhere between a hundred to eight hundred bucks, while some costs more.


Each kennel must be maintained to add to its durability. It should also be kept dry at all times, most especially if you are always placing your dogs inside. Clean it every day if possible, that is, if your dogs frequently use it. If you just use it once a week, then you can clean it after every use. 
Not cleaning the dog kennel will cause it to smell.

Buying the Best Dog Kennel


Buying a dog kennel in the store is a good idea cause you can see the material yourself, and if you need to measure your dog kennel, you need to go to a physical store to be sure.

  • Buying the Best Dog KennelYou must have the list of the dimension needed for your dog kennel so you will not pick the kennel that has the wrong size and will sometimes be awkward when placed in your house or worst if your dog will not fit inside.
  • Choose a dog kennel that is right for your dog. You may ask for help from the seller.
  • You may ask her for comparison, choose 2 to 3 types of dog kennel and ask her to compare which is the best amongst the choices.
  • Check the latches or locks depending on the need for it.
  • Materials should also be double-checked cause you don’t want a kennel that you will just replace after a few uses.
  • Pick the fairly priced amongst the option cause you want a dog kennel that will not cause you to spend too much.
  • Review and compare each of the features of the dog kennel.
  • Ask the seller if they include the warranty for the kennel.


Some online sellers can give you a good price since they are selling online and don’t have to pay for rent when they have a physical store.

  • Give the right dimension as well because you don’t want a kennel that will not be of use to your dog.
  • If you think you are better off with a customized dog kennel, be sure that it is just priced right and not too expensive.
  • Compare which online seller will give you the best price for the kennel.
  • If there are a warranty and return for the product it should be discussed with the seller.

FAQ about the Best Dog Kennel

What do you think is the best dog kennel for my dog?

What do you think is the best dog kennel for my dog?It will depend on what dog breed you have, say you have a toy dog, then a kennel made of wood, plastic, or even canvas is possible.

How many hours a day can I put my dogs inside the kennel?

It will depend on you if you will be with them at home and they are already toilet trained, then an hour or so, can be good for them or even at night, so they are safe inside the kennel. If you need to transport your dog somewhere, then it may take a few hours to keep them inside the kennel. It would mostly depend on your dog’s needs.

How about if I had it customized, is that a good idea?

Having a customized kennel is also not a terrible idea if you need a certain dimension and style for a dog kennel or if you will pay extra to have a customized dog kennel. It will also depend on your preference.

What is the best dog kennel available in the market today?

  1. SportPet Designs Travel Dog Kennel – will keep your dog safe during travel and is sturdy enough to hold your dog inside.
  2. Petsfit Portable Pop-open Kennel – Kennel made of fabric and will suit your small dog as it is also lightweight.
  3. Petmate Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel – with the two-door, this kennel is ideal for your pet as it is airy at the same time sturdy.
  4. PetMate Sky Kennel – for the frequent traveler and high flyers. Heavy-duty material and also has a secure latch to always keep the dog safely.
  5. Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Kennel – heavy-duty, waterproof, and will protect your dogs from the sun’s rays. High-quality stainless steel to make sure that it will last for long.


Our dogs need additional protection for varying reasons.

It is maybe as simple as protection from running away from the house and getting lost, protection when they need to travel, and need to be away from the house. They also need a kennel to keep them away from a dangerous situation when they are more prone to chew on things.

With the reviews made, you will have ideas on which one to buy for your pets. You can also review the above types of kennel, and from there, you can arrive at your ultimate choice in a dog kennel.