Garden Pool Review – Best Garden Pools Reviews

Ever felt as if you are being slowly cooked under the heat of the sun? Did you ever wish you could just laze around in a pool, just enjoying the day with your family? Well, that is now possible without the need to spend too much on installation and whatnot with the proliferation of garden pools.

Best Garden Pools in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Brand
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Filter pump
    Filter pump
  • DVD pool set
    DVD pool set
Bestway BW56408GB Steel Pro Max
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Dimensions
    305 x 305 x 76 cm
  • Weight
    19.48 kg
  • Capacity
    4678 litres
  • Material
  • Key benefits
    Strong and Durable TriTech Material
    No Tools Required and Easy To Store
    Flow Control Valve for Easy Draining
  • Filter pump
  • DVD pool set
Place 2
Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Dimensions
    23.5 x 30 x 89 cm
  • Weight
    12.47 kg
  • Capacity
    2300 litres
  • Material
    PVC and polyester
  • Key benefits
    Easy set up
    Rust resistant metal frames
    Easy to take down
  • Filter pump
  • DVD pool set
Good offer
Intex 28272 Metal Frame
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Dimensions
    200.03 x 74.93 x 299.72 cm
  • Weight
    21 kg
  • Capacity
    3834 liters
  • Material
  • Key benefits
    Easy to assemble sturdy pools
    Instruction Dvd Included
    Ready For Water In 30 Minutes
  • Filter pump
  • DVD pool set

What is a Garden Pool?

A garden pool is an addition to your garden that is ideal for kids and adults. It adds convenience to any home where the availability of a garden pool makes it more practical for the entire family.

It is also a bigger saving than installing a full swimming pool, which may cause you much to install it.

Garden Pool and how they are used?

What is a Garden Pool?Garden pool can be inflatable or just used with the help of a metal frame to hold enormous pools. There are also no technical requirements to have these set up since you only need to follow the instructions on how to set up the pool. Some don’t need manuals as it is easy to set up just by filling the inflatable with air so it will stand on its own.

Otherwise, metal frames are used to hold the complete pool and to keep it from spilling water.

There are also different sizes that you can buy in the market, and preference will depend on how many will use the garden pool or how many you are in the family.

For other families, they prefer sizes where it can accommodate a few numbers of people at the same time, but still, there is enough room to move around.

There are also safety measures to take, most especially when there are small children who will be using bigger inflatable garden pools.


  • Convenient to use when the weather is too humid and hot.
  • The family will have some fun time without the need to go out.
  • It is easy to assemble, and there is not much time required to have it put up.
  • It can be used anytime, and filling it with water will only take a few minutes or hours depending on how big the garden pool is.
  • It is not too expensive to acquire compared to having your garden dug up and fitted with a traditional pool.
  • It will save you money while enjoying it in the comfort of your home.
  • It can be rolled or stored easily after use, there is not much-required space to place it in.
  • This garden pool will not need much cleaning or maintenance.


  • There is a tendency for it to get pricked or nicked, and it will be unusable.
  • Safety is important, just like in a traditional pool where small children need to be watched every time they are swimming. If the pool is too big for the child, it is a must that they are monitored.
  • A tendency for it to get damaged while in storage, most especially if you store it while still wet.
  • You can no longer use it once the inflated area has holes as it will not stand on its own, and you cannot fill it with water anymore.
  • The metal frame garden pool can stand even without inflating it, but there is a tendency for the metal frame to rust, eventually.
  • They still require some maintenance. It tends for molds to thrive on its surface. This will cause it to be slippery as well. Usually happens when you left it outdoors for long.

What types of Garden Pool are there?

What types of Garden Pool are there?There are 5 common types available from the garden pool and includes;

Inflatable – this is the type that is easiest to set up because you can just inflate the pool when you need to use it and then deflate it when it’s time to put it in storage. It is the most convenient as well since it is not too technical to use as long as you have a portable air pump to make the inflatable pool stand and you have water to fill it, you and your family can use it anytime.

Steel – this inflatable swimming pool uses steel to hold the pool together. We consider this tough and will be more durable and that which you can enjoy for years. Considered stronger, compared to resin made pool or aluminum made. The thing with this pool is that eventually, it rusts, most especially if there is no galvanized coating used in its manufacture.

Aluminum – they design it to resist corrosion, and this type is lighter compared to steel made garden pools. It can also resist corrosion, which means you can enjoy using it for years. However, its downside is its susceptibility to oxidation, most especially if the one you bought doesn’t have any coating to protect it.

Resin type pool – This portable pool is also strong and can withstand outside elements. It is also light, which makes it convenient to use. There are also different sizes available for the entire family to enjoy. It is susceptible to cracking and fading, though after years of use.

Kiddie – this is the smallest type of an inflatable pool that is just right for small kids. There are many designs that you can choose from, and the size of the pool when inflated and when it is filled with water. That way it will be easy for you to decide whether it is safe for your kids.

Rattan – Although this one is made of wood, this is also sturdy and durable. The problem with this pool is that as years pass and the inner lining gets wet with frequent use, it cracks also if there is no coating used to keep it safe from cracking and peeling.

This is what we check in Garden Pool Reviews

This is what we check in Garden Pool ReviewsGarden pools are made of original materials, and previous materials used were made more durable now. It will not just easily be unusable after a small hole since there is also a repair kit included during your purchase. This may also make a slight difference in pricing, as added durability will also add money.


Mostly made of PVC material that is also BPA free, so you and your family will be at ease, knowing it is safe to use. Some types are UV resistant and will probably last longer. There are also layers now to make it sturdy compared to previous models of the garden pool. You may have to choose which feature is more important, for you.


Since the manufacturing company now keeps in mind the longevity of these pools, they have also improved on the materials they use and putting extra layers in place, so a mini nick will not deem your pool unusable.


Prices vary as there are brands that are more expensive than others. Also, the price will differ depending on the features available. The thickness of the liner will also add in the cost of around 6-11% more, but it will provide the extra thickness to keep your pool safe.


Cleaning should be easy for this pool. There are steps you can take to make sure that you can efficiently use it for a long time. Clean the pool before filling it with water. You can rinse it and remove leftover particles or even remove dust from its surface.
Wipe it dry after use, or you can even let it dry, but not to leave it exposed to sunlight, air drying is fine. Do not store it while it is wet, as this will cause some damage to the materials. Also, some pests may like to burrow in the pool’s surfaces and folds.

Buying the Best Garden Pool

We may like to buy the best garden pool there is, but we should also keep in mind what is important, when buying one for family use and, of course, what budget we have.


  • Buying the Best Garden Pool in storeIt is a good thing to check what you will purchase in a physical store so you can personally check the features and the materials used in its manufacture.
  • Ask the seller about their best-selling model, and you can start from there.
  • Check the thickness of the pool material and gauge which one you think will fit more to your requirement.
  • What size is more apt? You need a bit of legroom when your family is swimming at the same time. Although you would most likely just lounge or take a dip, still an additional space while inside the pool would mean much to everyone’s comfort.
  • Where will you be placing the pool, is it in a flat surface? On top of the grass or another rough surface? You may need to check the thickness of the material that will fit.
  • How much are you willing to pay for one? You need to remember that the more money you pay, the more features or tougher, the material of the pool will be.
  • Ensure that the warranty is in place. It is important to have a warranty, most especially for these types of pool. In cases you need to have it repaired after just a few uses, you have something to fall back on.


  • Even when you are buying online, you still have a chance to get the best product there is.
  • You must remember to do your due diligence in finding out which seller will give you the best price and the best product.
  • Read reviews and compare models of the pool or the types as this will give you enough information when making your decision.
  • There are available reviews as well of the stores selling the product, so make use of this advantage.
  • Ask about the best price they can offer you for the pool and what warranty is included.

FAQ about the best Garden Pool

What are the top features to look out for when buying a garden pool?

You need to consider the price, convenience, and comfort, ways of installation, if any, how it is maintained, safety, and the type.

Who are the top manufacturers of pools?

  • Who are the top manufacturers of pools?Intex
  • Homech
  • Sable
  • Googo
  • Bestway

What are the benefits of having your garden pool?

It is easy to use besides being portable. You can easily transport it to another location in your house or even if you have someplace else to go. You can bring it with you.

What we consider the best pool kit to purchase nowadays?

Intex Prism’s got excellent reviews because it is not just durable, it is also priced right. Its size is sufficient for a family of 5 to 6 or even more. Plus, the 3-ply puncture-resistant material makes this a brilliant investment. There are also different sizes that you can choose from their available models. You will be happy with your purchase because Intex has been in the pool-making industry for many years now and has specialized in making long-lasting and durable swimming pools.

What are the safety considerations when using a garden swimming pool?

Always clean it before using it, the floor can be slippery when it is stored incorrectly as molds and mildew can stick to the surface, which also makes the pool unsafe if it is slippery.
Monitor your small kids if you have a tall pool or better yet, get them their floater, which will be safer while they are inside the tall pool.

No diving of any kind. No diving from a chair or from atop a tree to land on the pool. Do not even attempt such actions.


Buying a swimming pool for your family can be your best idea yet. You need not go out and pay too much, to lounge and take a dip in a pool where some are even public.

This is much safer, and you have all the time to enjoy it to the fullest. Also, you are having the most enjoyable and private time while using the swimming pool.
Although you may need to shell out a bit more, the enjoyment it will bring to you and your family will be all worth it.