Vibration Plate Review – Best Vibration Plates Reviews

Most people go to the gym to lose that extra weight, while some jog daily for a few minutes to hours. Going to the gym has its perk and disadvantage as well, including having to pay for the membership fee, so you can use the facility freely and going to the place so you can use their equipment. For those who have money to spend on a gym membership, this is just a piece of cake, but for others, it is not so.

There is another way you can save on a gym membership, and you won’t need to go on a scheduled visit. We will discuss the vibration plate, which is another exercise equipment that is getting popular nowadays.
How it came about, how to use it, and the disadvantages and advantages of having one. Read on.

Best Vibration Plates in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Max.loading
  • Programmes
  • Special features
    Special features
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
  • LCD Display
    LCD Display
  • Bluetooth speaker
    Bluetooth speaker
LifePro Vibration Plate
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    14.99 kg
  • Dimensions
    69.34 x 38.86 x 14.99 cm
  • Max.loading
    120 kg
  • Programmes
    99 adjustable speeds settings
  • Special features
    Safe & Steadz
    Easy storage
  • Remote Control
  • LCD Display
  • Bluetooth speaker
2. place
Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
    Bluefin Fitness
  • Weight
    17 kg
  • Dimensions
    77.15 x 44.2 x 17.6 cm
  • Max.loading
    150 kg
  • Programmes
    180 levels with 5 built-in weight loss programmes
  • Special features
    Sleek & Compact Design
    Integrated Bluetooth Speake
    Silent drive motors
  • Remote Control
  • LCD Display
  • Bluetooth speaker
3. place
Display4top Ultra Slim
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    15.07 kg
  • Dimensions
    78.09 x 48.7 x 23.7 cm
  • Max.loading
    150 kg
  • Programmes
    5 Programs + 180 Levels
  • Special features
    Multiple adjustment modes
    100% customer satisfaction
    Easy to use and simple to operaten
  • Remote Control
  • LCD Display
  • Bluetooth speaker

What is a Vibration Plate?

A vibration plate, also known as a power plate, is a machine that uses high-speed vibrations transferred throughout your muscles. This exercise machine helps in stimulating every muscle in your body at a faster and higher rate than what is normal. The vibration will help your muscles contract and then relax intermittently in seconds.

Russian cosmonauts designed this machine during the 1960s to help cosmonauts not to lose muscle mass while in space. Nowadays, it is available for your home or when you go to the gym. It is mostly used by homeowners who don’t have time to go to the gym and would rather have one at home for their workout activity.

Vibration Plate and how it is used?

What is a Vibration PlateA person may stand on top of the plate while they turn the machine on, one must work harder to keep their position as the place forces their muscles to contract and relax. This will make your muscles work harder to stay in place and feel the vibration radiating throughout the muscles of the entire body.

One can stay on top of the plate for a few minutes, fifteen minutes, or more. This machine also benefits those who need low impact exercise without the need to carry anything heavy. Those who may have some previous injury but still would like to exercise less the impact may use this machine, also the elderly can do so.

Since this machine is low impact, it is a great way to build strength and endurance slowly without risking injury.


  • Vibration Plate and how it is used?You require less time. If you have it at home, there is no need for you to travel and go to the gym, which means you need to have time for it. While using this machine you can wake up, turn it on, and have a few minutes of workout, even 15 minutes will do if you are in a hurry and if you have time, more will be beneficial for you.
  • Low Impact. It is a low-impact exercise that can benefit even the elderly or those who have the previous injury and would like to practice and improve their strength.
  • Aid in weight loss. If you have been meaning to lose that extra weight and you can’t find the time to go to the gym and exercise, this is the time for you to focus on your goal.
  • Tones muscles. Even if you are just standing on top of the plate, it helps in defining and toning your muscles by continuously doing the exercise. There are different areas you can target and will require unique positions to do so, and as long as you are focused, this machine can help with your weight loss journey.
  • Build muscle strength. Over time, you will have more strength in your muscles. You will notice this as well that, at first, you can only stand the vibration for three minutes, and after a few weeks you can do it in fifteen or so, which is a sign that you are building strength. This is also a sign that you are adding power to your muscles as well.
  •  A work-out for the entire body. It is not just your legs you are exercising, but your entire body moves and vibrates with each minute you are on top of the plate. You can even change positions to target different areas in your body, which is a good thing since you are only using one machine to do that.
  • Gives you stability and flexibility. Not just powering up and strengthening your core, but giving you flexibility. You will find an improvement in posture, and you move better.


  • Some may be expensive. There is a vibration plate that can cost you. They are quality types and have features you will not find from other brands, but if you are serious about losing weight and having only the best, then you may shell out what you can afford.
  • You need some know-how. If you know nothing about the specs that will work for you, there is a possibility that you will buy the first vibration plate you set your eyes on. You must know that the acceleration amplitude and frequency are important.
  • Some are heavy and noisy. There are brands of vibration plates that may be too heavy for you to carry, while some are too noisy when it is on. This may not be what you prefer, especially if you want to work out in peace.
  • It may not be for everyone. You cannot just use this vibration plate because you want to cause there are contraindications, including people who are pregnant, those with an epileptic seizure, have fractures or implants, people who have heart issues and are not allowed too much movement or stress.

Types of Vibration Plate

Vertical or Linear with Up and Down movement

Types of Vibration PlateThis machine gives a rapid vertical motion, so you will feel a vibration as if you are about to jump but cannot. It imitates your leaping movement, but you are just standing in place.

Pivotal Oscillation or side-to-side movement

Providing a fast side-to-side motion or a see-saw movement, and you are standing on it. It has an up and down motion that can provide a full-body workout. It differs in the frequency of vibration as compared to other vibration plates and also has a lower speed.

Circular Type Motion

This machine has the so-called double spindle mechanism, which is just a relatively new type of vibration plate. It can provide a circular vibrational motion and stretch out your tight muscles while improving your balance. It can be used as a regular exercise routine for the elderly, for those who are stroke patients, and can boost your metabolism.


Up and down vertical motions, plus front, then back motion. It gives you muscle flexibility, aids in weight loss, and increase bone density.

Sonic or Sound Waves

Helps in creating vertical vibrations with the use of sound wave technology without the movement of the physical plates. There is no jerking or other movement found in other vibration plates. They also use this for therapy and meditation, and not just for physical exercise and workout.

A machine that will also help in improving the flow of energy in your body plus released clogged energy. This type may just cost more than most vibrating plates.

This is what we check in Vibration Plate Reviews.

This is what we check in Vibration Plate ReviewsVibration plates are getting popular nowadays with it being improved, and features are being added. It can improve blood circulation, balance, lessens back pain, arthritis, and many more, but what counts in a vibration plate? Here we have reviewed some of the most important aspects of this product, including its materials, price, longevity, and cleaning.


They usually make vibration plates of plastic with some metal, and the motor differs as well. There are motors used that are more advanced in some vibration plates. The platform also varies where some are larger than most.


A vibration plate can last longer with good maintenance. There are recommended frequency and duration depending on a person’s requirements.


You can get a vibration plate that is as sturdy and durable with various color options, while getting one that has more features may cost you anywhere between $150 to $300 or more.


Cleaning a vibration plate will not require much of your time as long as you dust it and remove unwanted dirt you find on any fixings or the plate, then this should do. However, you need to ensure that you are tightening screws or fixings, as well, so everything is secure.
Checking for unwanted vibration is another cause if you noticed something off with its vibration, then have this checked by professionals where you bought it.

Keep your equipment stored in the right space. Do not just leave it where it can be kicked or played on by children, and don’t leave it where it can get wet and splashed with water. This is also the best way to ensure that your machine will last longer.

Buying the Best Vibration Plate

The vibration plate is the craze these days cause with people not being able to go out, they need an outlet or they require something to help them with staying healthy and have the ideal weight. How do you buy the best vibration plate? Here are some tips when you need to buy them in a store or online.

Buying it in a store

  • Buying the Best Vibration PlateWhen you are in a store, you have a product specialist who can help you with your quest in finding the best vibration plate cause they know their product.
  • Know your weight loss plan. The type of machine you will buy will depend on this as well.
  • What type of machine are you planning to buy? You should have an idea already before you buy one cause the product specialist can answer some questions you have.
  • Type of vibration is important. Will it be an oscillating or tri-planar platform? It is best that you know which one to pick that fits your exercise needs.
  • The dimension of the platform is also something to consider since you need the size that is suitable for you. If you have not much room to place the machine, you may need a smaller one, but you will also have limited movements with a smaller platform, and the freedom you’ll have with a bigger platform is different.
  • It can measure the intensity of the vibration in Hz or Hertz and options between 25 to 40Hz, 15 to 60Hz, or 30 to 50Hz are available.
  • There is a pre-set training program that can be found in many types of a vibration plate. There are different frequency settings to choose from as well, which is beneficial to specific needs.
  • Check the vibration machine and how it performs. Note if the sound is too noisy for you.
  • Buy from a reputable store who only carries original products and, to which you will not be sending back your machine after one or two uses.
  • Warranty must be included, and the longer the warranty, the better money you will spend.

Buying a Vibration Plate online.

Since buying online is the easiest way to buy, nowadays, also be aware of what you must consider before you let go of that money. Some considerations include.

  • Many sellers will have their products ready for your perusal online, and this is a good thing cause you can check each product and review each of the products while comparing its features, including the price.
  • What type or brand can you buy with the budget you have. You may only have the money to buy whatever vibration plate you see online, but remember that not every expensive product is the best, it is still important to know the features and what other people say about that product.
  • Use the reviews you see online about the vibration plate you are planning to buy. This will help you in deciding whether you are making a smart choice.
  • What are the features of the vibration plate you are planning to get? Ask the online seller, as well, if they can recommend another brand that is as good and with a fraction of a price. Maybe you can also save by doing so.
  • They must address warranty and Return Policy as with any product, this is on top of the most important list of things to discuss.

FAQ about the Best Vibration Plate

Is it safe to use a vibration plate daily?

It may not be to your advantage to use it daily, and if you have any medical condition that you don’t know about, it may even do you harm. You may ask a medical specialist if you are unsure and get a clean bill of health, including the allowed frequency of the exercise.

Will it help me lose belly fat?

With the proper use of the vibration machine, you will lose weight and some fat in particular areas.


A vibration plate may be the answer to most people’s quest for an exercise machine that will not be too technical and requires the least special steps before you can use it. However, also ensure that you are getting the right vibration plate in the market and know which one will work for your needs.