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Electric guitars have such a unique sound, developed in the early 20th century. Used across the music industry from country to jazz and most commonly in metal and rock music. It’s worth looking at all the aspects of the best electric guitars. We will be telling you what an electric guitar is, what types you get, what kinds of electric guitars you get, and most frequently asked questions amongst a lot more. We even include what we look at when having a look at reviews to make sure you know what to ask when looking into purchasing the best electric guitar.

Best E-Guitars in Comparison

  • Bewertung
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Body material
    Body material
  • Neck material
    Neck material
  • Special feature
    Special feature
  • Incl. Bag
    Incl. Bag
  • Incl. tuner
    Incl. tuner
Place 1
gear4music 3/4 LA Electric Guitar
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
    91 x 30 cm
  • Body material
  • Neck material
  • Special feature
    Chromatic tuner
    Light and easy to hold
  • Incl. Bag
  • Incl. tuner
Place 2
Display4top Full-Size Electric Guitar
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
    103.2 x 38 x 24.5 cm
  • Body material
  • Neck material
  • Special feature
    Perfect for traveling musicians
    High Quality
  • Incl. Bag
  • Incl. tuner
Place 3
Zerone Electric Guitar Set, 39 Inches
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    4.85 kg
  • Dimensions
    100 x 32 x 3.5 cm
  • Body material
    Lime wood
  • Neck material
    Maple wood
  • Special feature
    Perfect quality sound
    For everyone
  • Incl. Bag
  • Incl. tuner

What is an Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses electricity to give the guitar strings a different vibe and frequency. Mainly translating the vibration of the strings into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the amplifier, which informs the speaker on what sound to produce. Using the best electric guitar will produce a higher range and tone. To put it in more straightforward English, it is the modern version of an acoustic guitar.

Electric Guitars and how they are used

Electric Guitars and how they are usedElectric guitars are generally used for public or large performances as the sound can travel so far. You might debate with yourself whether an electric guitar should even be an option for you. Here are the pros and cons of using an electric guitar for you to weigh out the options.


  • Holding down the chords on an electric guitar is more comfortable than on an acoustic guitar.
  • An amp combo and an electric guitar can broadcast a considerable amount of sound.
  • The neck of electric guitars is shorter than that of an acoustic guitar.
  • The strings of an electric guitar are softer; thus, there is less discomfort when playing on the fingertips.
  • It is easier to play base cords on an electric guitar.
  • You can plug your headphones into the amp avoiding the disturbance of others.


  • If you do not invest in the full package, you need to consider purchasing a good quality amp.Â
  • It is a complicated process, especially for newbies, to set up the right tone.
  • Playing tunes on electric guitars vs. acoustic guitars are not always the same thing.
  • Even the best electric guitars cannot produce the same sound as an acoustic guitar.

What types of Electric Guitar are there?

In the world of electric guitars, there are three types of body styles. These body styles include solid,semi-hollow and hollow guitars. We are going to have a look at the different types of electric guitars and what makes them unique. A lot of these guitars have been used by many famous names in the industry, such as Jimmy Hendrix to Slash from Guns n Roses.

Solid-Body Instruments

What types of Electric Guitar are thereSolid-body types are made from solid pieces of wood. An example of a brand that makes use of the solid-body style is the Fender Stratocaster. The solid-body types of instruments are usually more sustain. They are more resistant to feedback than the other two body types. This allows for the instrument to complement specific genre types such as rock and metal.


The Stratocaster was launched in the market in the year 1954 by Fender. This Fender brand electric guitar is one of the best and most recognized types of guitar. The Stratocaster has a broader variety of genres it can agomedate for which includes but are not limited to country, rock, pop, folk, soul, blues, and R&B. This type of electric guitar also has a tremolo, which allows for the guitar to adjust the pitch by moving the arm up and down. This type of electric guitars range is generally said to be mid-range.

Super Strat

The super strat is modeled after the Stratocaster but is still considered to be very different. The only similarity is the body style of the electric guitar. The pickups of a Super Strat have a higher output, which means more distortion making it suitable for metal and rock. Super Strat guitars generally have Floyd Rose tremolos. These allow for a high range that the Fender Stratocaster tremolo.


A Telecaster, which is the successor of the very first electric guitar that was mass-produced for the market, is the definition of country music sound. Although it is mostly associated with country music, this electric guitar is pretty versatile. This guitar has a mid-range and glassy high-end response.


Offset body styles include three primary instruments. These instruments include the Jaguar, the Mustang, and the Jazzmaster. These guitars do have differences but share the trait of having a jingly sound. This means that the music is clear with a subtle mid and low-end response. Depending on the tone knobs, these guitars are well suited for rhythm work.

Les Paul

Les Paul Express Travel-Size Electric GuitarLes Paul has the reputation as the rock n roll machine, mostly associated with classic rock. Similar to the Stratocaster, Les Paul has a single tone defining the instrument. Les Paul has more sustain that the Offset guitars. Les Paul can basically play any genre of music. Les Pauls’s body style embodies a couple of different designs, including solid arched and solid chambered. Les Pauls are made from solid wood, and some have an incredibly arched top and the maple cap. There are minimal tonal differences between these styles.

SG and Flying V

SGs and Flying Vs. are have apparent visual differences. They both have solid bodies and are traditionally equipped with two humbuckers. They have a similar feel and response. The main difference is in the review of each guitar, some people find the SG to be uncomfortable, and the Flying V is more comfortable with regards to grip. The two have very similar tones, and both share the same tone to a Gibson. The pickups determine how much ground it can cover. However, it can generally include as much as Les Paul.

Semi-Hollow Instruments

Semi-hollow guitars, as the name implies, have openings generally in the form of two f-holes onto the body. The inner chambers are divided into two through a block of wood that runs through the body. Due to the body not being solid, there is a tendency to feedback when being played at loud volumes and have a higher level of distortion. Semi-hollow guitars are similar to solid body guitars with regard to the tone. Semi-hollow electric guitars have less sustain than a solid body guitar.

Hollow Body Instruments INSTRUMENTS

The difference between a hollow body and a semi-hollow body is that a hollow body does not have the wood block running through the body in the middle. The best hollow electric guitars sound similar to a semi-hollow body and have the same acoustic-like sound. The hollow body electric guitars have two types of body styles. These are the ES-335 and the ES-175.

This is what we check in an Electric Guitar review.

For quality purposes and to ensure that no rock is left unturned, we have four main aspects that we look at. The four main elements we inspect are the materials used, the longevity of the guitar, the price, and the cleaning thereof. Have a read to see why we look at what we do.


This is what we check in an Electric Guitar review.We review the material of the electric guitars as these determine the weight, comfort, and perks of the guitar. Such as the difference in sound produced between a semi-hollow and a hollow guitar.


We review longevity as this determines which would be best for investing in. If you want something, long term, a particular electric guitar may be better than another. It all depends on what the goal is.


Price is essential to look at and to compare because it determines if you are getting your money worth.


The cleaning and importance thereof determine how much maintenance even the best electric guitars would need.

Buying the Best Electric Guitar

When purchasing an electric guitar, there are certain things to keep in mind and different methods that apply to either in-store shopping or online to determine whether or not you are getting your money worth. Here are a couple of tips on how to review the quality of your purchase.


Buying the Best Electric GuitarFirst things first, TAKE YOUR TIME! You do not want to purchase something you will need to return. That’s just annoying for anyone. So how long to you take your time? Well, once you have reviewed the different aspects bellow and you have concluded what the best option would be, then you can make your purchase. This is what we recommend anyway.

  • Have a look at the action. If the strings are too high when it comes to action it can make playing the guitar difficult. If the action is slow, you may experience a fret buzz.
  • Ensure that the neck is straight. If it is bent, it’s not a good thing.
  • Have a look at the intonation, play a 12th fret harmonic and the 12th fret note. If they are not at the same pitch, there is a problem.
  • Check the volume and tone controls. Double-check that all the knobs and buttons work.


Purchasing online is a whole different ball game. You are limited to checking the quality of the electric guitars the way you would in-store. Here are a couple of tips on how to quality check a guitar if you are purchasing it online.
  • Ask questions! More than none, guitar stores, whether it is online or in-store, are more than willing to provide extra information. You can even try your luck and ask them to send through tracks of what the guitar sounds like or to also play it over the phone.
  • This is a big one, check the return policy. Make sure you understand the return policy and that you qualify for one. This is probably the most crucial step as you want to be able to return an electric guitar that is not up to your standards.
  • Pricing can help determine the quality too. Generally, well-produced electric guitars are at reasonable prices of anything from $150 to $500. Generally, the higher the rate, the better the quality. Don’t forget to check if it is worth it by verifying the headings mentioned above in what we review when looking at electric guitars.

FAQ about the Best Electric Guitar

The world of electric guitars can post a lot of questions, especially if you are new to it. When we say a lot, we mean a lot. Therefore we have selected the items at the top of the list.

Can Electric Guitars be Wireless?

Yes, the world of technology is advancing every day, and so is the music industry. Wireless instruments have become very popular amongst professionals because it really allows for free movement without tripping over a cable. There are bodypack transmitters available that get attached to the strap with a short 1/4″ cable that gets plugged into the amp. This sends radio signals similar to that of a microphone.

What are Electric Guitars better for Beginers?

  • What are Electric Guitars better for BeginersEpiphone SG-Special Beginner Electric Guitar
  • Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar for Beginners
  • Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe – (Great All-rounder)
  • Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Starter Electric Guitar
  • Squier by Fender Vintage Modified ’51
  • Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar
  • Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster Electric Guitar
  • Epiphone Les Paul Beginners Electric Guitar
  • Jackson JS32T King V Beginners Metal Guitar
  • ESP LTD EC-256 Intermediate Electric Guitar

Will an Electric Guitar base work with an AMP?

Bass is a big part of the music industry. When the bass hits and travels through the crowd, then you know it’s a hit. You can use a guitar base with an amp. Make sure the amp and guitars design match up; otherwise, you may have to compromise with sound.


In conclusion, there are so many things when reviewing electric guitars for purchasing purposes. This article has presented what an electric guitar is, the types of electric guitars, what to review when looking at an electric guitar as well as reviewing a guitar online and in-store. Finally, we topped it off with a couple of FAQs. We will leave you with these final words, rock on!