Laser Measuring Tool Review – Best Laser Measuring Tools Reviews

Laser measuring tools are often used now, as opposed to the use of traditional tape measures. Laser measuring tools are used to measure widths, lengths, and heights at a maximum of 198 meters.  It is more convenient to use compared to the traditional measuring equipment or device that we previously have.

Best Laser Measuring Tool in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Manufacturer
  • Measuring range
    Measuring range
  • Measuring accuracy
    Measuring accuracy
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Colour
  • Batteries
  • Key benefits
    Key benefits
  • Batteries Included
    Batteries Included
  • 360° inclination sensor
    360° inclination sensor
Bosch Professional GLM 50 C
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Measuring range
    50 m
  • Measuring accuracy
    +/- 1.5 mm
  • Weight
    100 g
  • Dimensions
    10.6 x 4.5 x 2.4 cm
  • Colour
    Black, Blue
  • Batteries
    2 AA
  • Key benefits
    Memory functions
    Incline sensor
  • Batteries Included
  • 360° inclination sensor
Place 2
Makita LD030P
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Measuring range
    30 m
  • Measuring accuracy
    +/- 2.0
  • Weight
    200 g
  • Dimensions
    5.3 x 2.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Colour
  • Batteries
    2 x AAA
  • Key benefits
    High quality
    simplified user interface button
    Water resistance
  • Batteries Included
  • 360° inclination sensor
Good offer
Leica Geosystems D110 60
  • Rating



  • Manufacturer
  • Measuring range
    Digital 60 m
  • Measuring accuracy
  • Weight
    92 g
  • Dimensions
    12 x 0.37 x 0.23 cm
  • Colour
    Black, Red
  • Batteries
    2 AAA
  • Key benefits
    Modern design
    Easy to-use
  • Batteries Included
  • 360° inclination sensor

What is a Laser Measuring Tool

The first laser measuring tool was invented in 1960 and during the decade and a half of its existence, it was being used bit by bit, but not to the extent that it is used in daily processes. But in 1993, everything changed for the low-key laser measuring tool as Leica Geosystems introduced the first handheld laser measuring tool to the public.Leica did not end up just satisfied with the model they have, but rather, made improvements, additions, and added sophistication and accuracy to its vast features. These improvements included the first external telescopic point finder and RS232 data interface, then, after 5-years, the second generation Leica DISTO came along after the original launch with basic and memo models were introduced.

But Leica Geosystems did not stop and have made additions to the laser measuring tool such as compact laser distance meter, Bluetooth connectivity, improved range, a dustproof version, a memory bank, back-lit displays, splash-proof versions, waterproof versions, and many others.

Laser Measuring Tool and how they are used?

Laser Measuring Tool and how they are used?The laser measuring tool is used by pointing it to any object, and the distance will show up at the screen of the device. A laser beam will make sure that the measurement is accurate.  You can get the floor to ceiling, wall to wall, or wall to ceiling measurements. It is easy to measure horizontal and vertical distances or even slope variations with this device. Whether you are fixing the ceiling and you need to know the measurement of the entire area you need to fix then, this is the tool to help you do your job accurately. Even the simplest need to measure the length of your gate to your front door or perhaps the distance of your door to another entrance, this is the best device to use.


  • Measuring is faster with the use of this device, so no extra effort, and computation, is needed because you get the answer right away.
  • You can do it by yourself without the extra help thinking how to compute the distance or any measurement accurately.
  • It is better to use compared to a tape measure that bends while you are doing the measuring.
  • It is safe to use, and you need not get on top of the ceiling or get to a certain distance bringing with you the tape measure. With this device, all you need is to point it out to the place or object that you want to measure.
  • No need to make markings when you are not sure where the measuring stops. With this device, you see the result on the screen.
  • If you need to remember a certain measurement and to use the same in another area, the help of the memory of this device will make things easier for you as it records the measurements.


  • You need a target where the beam will point out so that the readings will be accurately calculated.
  • Improper use of the device will cause inaccurate readings or calculations.
  • Sometimes there are inaccuracies because of the object in the distance where you point the laser on, as it does not accept some surfaces such as shiny or reflective surfaces.
  • It also needs multiple measurements if the surfaces you used are not being accepted by the beam.

What types of Laser Measuring Tool are there?

There is the Mid and High Range type, which is often used, in general construction. This type has many features and high versatility and accuracy. Mostly utilized in home construction and indoor measurements. 
High-end laser measuring tools, on the other hand, also have many features as the mid-range measuring tool, but it can be used both outdoors and indoors. Margin is minimal to non-existent, plus the range of measurement is longer.

Simple or DIY type of laser measuring tool – This is for homeowners who are more into DIY construction, or maybe some fix it and remodeling indoor projects of small scale. This is the best tool to use when you need to still have an accurate measurement, fast, and reliable. This type does not have the extra features as the high or mid-range laser measuring tool.

This is what we check in Laser Measuring Tool Reviews

What types of Laser Measuring Tool are there in test?A laser measuring tool is a very useful tool for personal or professional use. This device makes every measuring task easier, accurate, and uncomplicated. With this review, however, we have also checked on the materials that were used in the production of such a device and the pricing of each tool, we also review cleaning and longevity.


Some high-tech engineering made the laser measuring tools possible. The most advanced laser beams are used to add to the accuracy of the device. Materials used are superior to other measuring devices.


Because of the different ways in manufacturing by top companies, there are variations in the longevity of laser measuring tools. Some work longer and can be enjoyed for many years, while some products do not last as long.


Manufacturers boast of their products as the best there is, but with it also is the hefty price of some laser measuring tools. So it will depend on your preference if you will buy the high-end laser measuring tool or you will get. There is an available laser measuring tool for less than $50 but the durability is in question as well as the accuracy. While prices that range between $50 to $130 considered highly durable, accurate with many functions as well. For over $130, you can cop a professional type of laser measuring tool with a higher range, Bluetooth connectivity, and added key-features.


Some brands that manufacture laser measuring tools already have features such as dustproof and waterproof features, which will help lessen the maintenance and checkup that you need to make sure you are keeping your device in top shape.
But if the tool you have does not have the mentioned features, then keeping your device dry and safe from water would be a wise idea. Also, cleaning the screen and storing it in a safe place is the best idea.

Buying the Laser Measuring Tool

There are top brands that manufacture laser measuring tool, and they are continuously improving this device. But how do you know which is the best laser measuring tool to purchase? Which is the best way to buy this device, is it buying it in-store or online?

We have made a list of reminders for when you need to purchase one.


  • Buying the Laser Measuring Tool in testWhere are you going to use it? Is it for personal or professional use? There are key features that you need to check first.
  • So what range do you require your laser measuring tools to have? If you are to measure a bigger space, you may need a laser tape measure that has a strong beam quality.
  • If you are deciding on buying a better digital laser measuring tool, then a high accuracy of 1/32 of an inch should be your target. Getting a highly accurate device, will lessen the unreliable measuring because of hot weather.
  • What measuring capabilities would you like your measuring tool to have if you just need to measure a simple straight line or you need to know the length and width as well or height.
  • Check the plus and minus function of the laser you will purchase as this will allow you to add and subtract from the original measurement.
  • There are also different display screens where a larger screen is better compared to those that have a small and slightly hard to read screen display. Compare the screen of each laser measuring tool available in the store this way, you can decide which is clearer, and easier for you to read.
  • Review all the other features available in some brands such as the memory and how much memory is available, ease of use of each, durability and sturdiness, outdoor use, or indoor use capability.


During these times, when you cannot depend on some stores to be open at all times, you may opt to buy online. It is easy, convenient, and safe to do so. Check out the tips that we have collected below.

  • Check with the online store if they have the laser measuring tool that you are looking for. Do they have it at hand, is it available?
  • If the brand you like is not available, you may like to ask for their best-selling brand and then do some browsing and check out the brand that the seller recommended. Compare it with the laser measuring tool that you originally have in mind and review the features of both devices.
  • Once you have decided on which one to buy, ask about its advantages compared to other laser measuring tools that they sell and key features that can make your decision easier.
  • How much are they selling it? Will they give you a discount? Some sellers can give you a discount if they don’t have the original brand or product that you are looking for.
  • Consider the price that you are just willing to pay for the product and if it has the key features that you want in a laser measuring tool.
  • Ask for their return policy, so you have a fallback when the item delivered to you is not working properly.

FAQ about the best Laser Measuring Tool

What is the best Laser Measuring Tool to buy now?

  1. What is the best Laser Measuring Tool to buy now?Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure – high accuracy range of up to 120 feet. This tool can help you with measuring length, knowing the volume, and even map areas plus the feature of continuous measurement. The display is back-lit, which makes reading the result a breeze. Compact, lightweight, and can be placed in your pocket.
  2. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure – affordable with just the right features. Range up to 196 feet. Large LCD screen with backlight for better readability. Measurement of distance, volume, area, continuous, among others.
  3. Leica DISTO D2 Laser Measuring Tool – up to a 330-foot range, with Bluetooth capability, can store up to 10 memory with 1/16″ accuracy. Includes Pythagoras function for height, width measurements.
  4. Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Measuring Tool – the backlit color display makes reading the result of the measurement effortless even in the dark. Handy and can fit in your pocket so you can bring it with you anywhere. The range is up to 165 feet plus a soft grip frame to grip the device. It can calculate area, length, volume, have a continuous measurement plus a feature to add or subtract measurement.
  5. TAPE DT100 Laser Measuring Tool – measuring range is up to 328 feet. It has a large LCD that has a backlight for easy visualization. It can choose between meters, feet, and inches. The measurement that can be stored in memory is up to 20. Auto power-off feature after 150 seconds.
  6. DBPOWER Laser Measuring Tool – measuring distance up to 197 feet with a back-lit display that creates clear viewing. Battery life can last up to five thousand measurements. Compact and can fit in your pocket.

Is it dangerous to use a laser measuring device?

It is not dangerous, if used as intended, and should not be pointed on your eyes. The high-powered laser causes eye damage, and laser measuring tools only have a low-powered laser.


Laser measuring tools have many advantages and are an enormous help with all your measuring needs with home construction and repair, among others.

Errors in measurement are now uncommon with the help of this device.  You can find different brands of laser measuring tools available in the market, and you just have to make sure you know for what purpose it is.
With this review, you can also have some ideas on what to look for, such as features and measuring capacity that you have to watch out for during your search for the best measuring tool.