Travel Suitcase Review – Best Travel Suitcases Reviews

The Best Suitcase for Travel in ReviewIf you’re contemplating a new purchase for your travels but are struggling to find the right option, then this post is for you! We’ve compiled all the information you need to know on what’s available and how to make a decision.

We’ll be talking about the different types of luggage available, and how to choose between them. We’ll also discuss handy travel accessories such as packing cubes and garment covers that can make life easier when it comes time to pack. And we’ll provide our top recommendations for suitcases in various price ranges.

Best Travel Suitcases in Comparison

  • Rating
  • Brand
  • Item Weight
    Item Weight
  • Product Dimensions
    Product Dimensions
  • Volume
  • Material
  • Roll quantity
    Roll quantity
  • Special features
    Special features
  • Adjustable Handle
    Adjustable Handle
  • Combination Lock
    Combination Lock
Aerolite ABS325 Travel Suitcase
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Item Weight
    2.55 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions
    20 x 35 x 55 cm
  • Volume
    34 litres
  • Material
  • Roll quantity
  • Special features
    360 degrees of manoeuvrability
    Ideal storage space
    Stylish cabin case
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Combination Lock
2. place
American Tourister Holiday Heat Suitcase
  • Rating



  • Brand
    American Tourister
  • Item Weight
    3.85 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions
    46.5 x 32 x 79.5 cm
  • Volume
    108 litres
  • Material
  • Roll quantity
  • Special features
    Great interior organisation
    Front pockets
    Smooth rolling comfort
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Combination Lock
3. place
Eastpak EK00061LI76 Travel Suitcase
  • Rating



  • Brand
  • Item Weight
    2.48 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions
    23 x 32.5 x 51 cm
  • Volume
    42 litres
  • Material
  • Roll quantity
  • Special features
    Easy wheeling system
    Compression and garment straps
    Great Design
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Combination Lock

What is Travel Suitcase?

Well, the name itself tells you what a travelling suitcase is.

A travelling suitcase is a type of luggage that you take with you while travelling to different places and for different reasons.
It is one of the most seen things or materials usually in transportation like airports and subways.

What types of Travel suitcases are there?

Many people have a difficult time telling the different types of luggage apart- there are just so many to choose from! It can be helpful, then, to know what you’re looking for before you buy this life-essential item. The next few paragraphs will explain the differences between soft-sided and hard-sided wheeled suitcases, single and multiple compartment suitcases, and suitcases with wheels or a pull handle.

Rolling Suitcases

The best Types of Travel Suitcase in ReviewClassical suitcase with easy transportation wheels comes in two versions: hard and soft. In comparison to softside suitcases, Hard bags are moulded with materials such as polypropylene and polycarbonate that are difficult to pronounce. Stocks such as microfiber, leather, nylon, PVC or polyester are suitable as soft bags. Certain soft bags can be expanded and can hold up to 25% more when you need space.


Backpacks are available in various sizes, either with or without layers. They are indeed a good way to camp, hike or do other outdoor activities for everybody. Some backpacks have wheels, while others have no wheels. When you have retrofitted straps, even large luggage parts could become backpacks.

Duffle bags

The best Duffle Bags as Travel Suitcase in ReviewDuffle bags aren’t just a cartridge bag for your gym shorts. Several contemporary duffles have gadgets such as wheels and a pulling handle; often these bags are sold as “travel duffles”. While a conventional small or average duffle bag fits perfectly in the overhead section, if you have to take it across rough terrain, it may press your arm or shoulder. Always take a piece with wheels or rear straps for frequent visits.

In comparison, A soft-sided wheeled suitcase (such as those made by Samsonite) is more space-efficient than a hard-sided wheeled suitcase (such as those made by Samsonite or Briggs & Riley), but it’s not as durable. The wheels will inevitably wear out after extended use or if the luggage is heavily used either way. Soft-sided suitcases tend to be more expensive than hard-sided suitcases and can be a little awkward to lift if your arms are full of stuff.

A single compartment wheeled suitcase (such as those made by Tumi) is extremely roomy and comes in many different sizes. Single compartment wheeled suitcases are ideal for people who travel with one or two carry-ons and one small piece of checked baggage. than a hard-sided roller case because it’s squishier. That means your clothes won’t get wrinkled as easily when they’re not being used.

Travel suitcases and how they are used

When going on vacations, when you rent a car and are physically unable to carry things on your back over long durations while attending weddings or other formal events, or travelling for work, the basic suitcase is the ideal option.

Suitcases are useful in a variety of scenarios, but they glow best whenever you’re residing in one area for an extended period rather than travelling between lodgings or motels.

When you’re going to a single destination and intend to stay there till you return, suitcases are indeed the recommended and probably surest bet. Unlike a backpack, you won’t be lugging your suitcase around like that in such a condition. Below is a full pros and cons list of what you should know about travel suitcases.


  • The best Travel Suitcases and how they are used in ReviewHard-shell suitcases have a higher resistance to any conditions, and you can lock them if you’re apprehensive about a robbery.
  • Moving through customs and checkpoints with a suitcase is significantly more convenient than strolling with a backpack.
  • It’s comfortable to take formal attire wrinkle-free in bags unless you are a skilled packer.
  • Repacking a suitcase is far simpler than repacking a top-loading bag.
  • The majority of suitcases, particularly hard shell suitcases, are impermeable.
  • Certain bags make it easy to distinguish between clean and dirty garments.
  • A suitcase makes organisation easier in general.
  • Related to the health problems, not everyone will be physically strong enough to lift a suitcase or carrying a bag.
  • It’s about the wheels this time! It’s somewhat pleasant to effortlessly move your suitcase while covertly seeing other travellers sag under the strain of their backpacks. This useful feature provides the suitcase with a significant advantage.
  • When travelling for work, a suitcase provides you with a rather more professional look.


  • Carrying luggage is inconvenient, and the wheels are useless on pavements, sand, or any other challenging surfaces.
  • It’s generally a pain to lug a suitcase around a big city or into public transport. With a suitcase, it’s difficult to be mobile, which is troublesome if you intend on taking a lot of public transports or going by watercraft at a certain time.
  • A good bag costs at least a couple of hundred dollars, however an inexpensive suitcase with squeaky wheels or ragged zippers can spoil a trip.

This is what we check in a travel suitcases review

Think about what you’re planning to bring. This will assist you in determining the best attributes for your suitcase, which will aid you in luggage selection.

Assess if you’ll ever be checking your bags, travelling over rough terrain, or travelling for business.
If a suitcase is appropriate for your vacation, keep the following elements in mind when selecting one:

Size of Luggage

The Size of Travel Suitcase you need in ReviewWhen it comes to luggage, size matters; nobody here likes a suitcase which is too large for them to properly withstand. Inspect the suitcase regulations of all of the airlines you’ll be flying with as well. Don’t get taken off guard because different airlines have varying size limits.

It’s also important to think about the permissible size of your luggage; the lighter the case, the more you may pack/bring back, in comparison! We advise that your travel suitcase is no larger than 22″ x 9″ x 14″ in size. This is small enough to fit in most aeroplane overhead compartments. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to evaluate your suitcase.


Have you ever notice that when you return from a vacation, your staff continues to grow? There seems never to be anything that fits. An extending case is fantastic, but it should be cautioned: if your bag is expanded it may not fit into the overhead compartment any longer and you might be fined to check it. However, this is a great choice for those of us who love buying souvenirs.

Water-resistant Materials

Another of the major pointers in baggage selection is to ensure it contains water-resistant substances or is treated on the inside with a moisturising sealant to retain your assets dry.
This is effective during rain or when the carriers put your bag on soiled, moist or gluey surfaces.

Locks for security

When shopping for the best baggage, safety and safety should not be overlooked. This particularly applies if you are travelling with valuables like electronics. Normally, the ideal way to safeguard your belongings would be to hold them always with you. That’s not always conceivable, of course. Try to ensure your bag has very decent security measures if you do have to check luggage with belongings within.Whether you have a zipper with travel lock space or an internal locking system, you can’t ever purchase a suitcase.


The Durability of Travel Suitcase in ReviewYou don’t have to place a high value for a good cause. The case should however be possibly the best organised and able to stand up to the hardness of the journey. Your necessities will change based on your task, location and trip. If you run down the terminal and disguise your case, you will feel bad about not buying a ‘good enough’ suitcase after which your handle breaks! A good luggage piece is essential as it can last for long life. Travelling is strenuous enough without worrying about the suitcase.


Baggage for travel may be costly. Be aware that this is not only average but that it will become your mobile wardrobe throughout your trip if you’re a long-term traveller. You have to carry a bag that lasts.

Price reflects quality in general. Search for the best reviews from travellers with experience and choose a case that fits your travelling style. Often, pricey bags include some type of warranty.


You can carry with you enough clothing in a suitcase with far less weight. Maybe it’s not of that much support with the vibrant perspective. However, from the pool of grey and black on the baggage claim, a bright case can be more instantly recognized.

Buying the best travel suitcases

Once you have a better understanding of what your choices are and what to look for, next will be taking the big step and buying them. There are only two options for you: store and online. Below is what we reviewed in what you should take into consideration.

In a store

Buying the best Travel Suitcase from our ReviewIf there is a store that sells travelling luggage and you decided to give it a go, here is what you should remember about.

  • First, look into the above-mentioned features and have a better understanding. Whatever you decided, colour or style should not be higher than these features in your checklist.
  • You should look carefully into the size and also the material as this piece of luggage is what will hold your belongings in your adventures or trips.
  • Go for a suitcase that doesn’t damage your pockets. Remember your wallet and your ideal suitcase and make sure what you chose checks them.
  • Ask for technical supports from the salespeople present in the store for a better understanding of your choice.


If you don’t want to physically go and purchase travelling suitcases from stores, the best and obvious pick is online. Here is what you should have in mind when purchasing online:

  • Do extensive research on the best travelling suitcase and look for reviews as they hold a better understanding and products.
  • Certified brands are the best to purchase from as they come with a legit return policy.
  • If you are looking for quality, you must know that it might cost you more than what you intended to stake.

FAQ about the best travel suitcases

Below are some of the most searched FAQs around the best travelling suitcases reviews.

How big is a travel size suitcase?

FAQ about the best travel suitcases Many domestic airlines have the same dimensions as checked baggage sizes: 62″ in all. There are slightly differing international airways, but the 62″ rule is the most standard requirement in the universe. Suitcases bigger than 62 inches still can fly, but the extra cost may apply.

How to clean a travel suitcase?

Clean dirty spots, combine some detergents for laundry and warm water. Wash the washcloth with a little warm water. Repeat till the blemish vanishes.

What is the best brand for the best travelling luggage?

Samsonite is a brand that has proved to be high in quality, both with soft and hard designs as tested over the years. In comparison to other purposes, this one was specially made for the quality and functionality of use. The case isn’t hard to open or close, and thanks to the responsive chambers it was easy to package it so that it was ideal for someone who is always in a position to go.

How much does a travelling suitcase cost?

For a moderate bag, an estimated price of a case is between $50 and $100. The more luxurious brands can sell some suitcases at more than $1000 in comparison to the premium ones for somewhere over the 200$ range.

How big would I need 2 weeks of a suitcase?

We suggest keeping to a small to large case size for 2 weeks of travel. For unexpected events, these cases are convenient. You require transportation should you need to switch ports or platforms. An additional suitcase could be hard to take if you’ve got a long lay-out.


In comparison with backpacks, travelling suitcase has proved themselves to be the best picks and many reviews are there to support them. What this best review article holds is the tip of the iceberg and you should always make very extensive research of your own.