Hair Dryer Review – Best Hair Dryers Reviews

The hairdryer is commonly used to blow dry your hair and remove moisture fast, compared to air drying your hair. Hairdryers use electricity and are mostly utilized by a professional stylist to style hair but can now be found in almost every household as well.

Best Hair Dryers in Comparison

  • Bewertung
  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Speed Settings
    Speed Settings
  • Heat Settings
    Heat Settings
  • Special feature
    Special feature
  • Ionic technology
    Ionic technology
  • Overheat protection
    Overheat protection
Place 1
ghd Air Hair Dryer
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    1.54 kg
  • Power
    2 100 W
  • Speed Settings
  • Heat Settings
  • Special feature
    Ergonomic design
    Enhanced ionic technology
  • Ionic technology
  • Overheat protection
Place 2
BaByliss Power Smooth
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    0.74 kg
  • Power
    2 400 W
  • Speed Settings
  • Heat Settings
  • Special feature
    Ceramic technology
    Lightweight for comfortable drying
  • Ionic technology
  • Overheat protection
Place 3
3000W Salon Hair Dryer
  • Bewertung



  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Power
    3 000 W
  • Speed Settings
  • Heat Settings
  • Special feature
    Stylish design
    High-strength nylon casing
  • Ionic technology
  • Overheat protection

What is a hairdryer?

Hairdryer a. k. a. a blow dryer is an electromechanical device that was invented in the late 19th century. They mostly use it in beauty salons and commonly used by a professional stylist to blow dry hair to remove moisture and to style it. Now, it is regularly found in most homes and also has other uses besides blow-drying hair.

Hair Dryer and how they are used?

Hair Dryer and how they are used?A hairdryer is more commonly used together with styling products, best with combs and hairbrushes to add style to hair. Once hair is blow-dried, the hair gains more volume and has more bounce to it. Hair is more beautiful if blow-dried. As with other products, there are also an advantage and disadvantage to its use.


  • Easier to style hair. With the help of hair styling products used with hairdryer creates a well made and beautiful hairstyle.
  • You can easily dry hair before going to bed. Creates a still beautiful coiffure when you wake up in the morning.
  • Causes less frizz. The hot air tames hair frizz.
  • Keeps away hair moisture. Easily removes moisture from hair, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • It helps to have shiny and supple hair. With the use of a hairdryer, hair has a certain bounce, and it shines.
  • Easy to use. Easy to follow the instruction on usage.


  • Can dry scalp. If being used too frequently, it may cause natural hair oil to diminish which then causes scalp dryness.
  • Dehydrates hair. Hair drying should not be done too frequently.
  • Removes natural hair shine. Too much hair drying creates frizz and seemingly unhealthy hair.
  • Ruins the hair texture. If one is to use a hairdryer frequently, there should also be hair care along with it.
  • Weakens hair strands. The hair strands weaken as we expose it to too much daily heat.
  • Causes split ends. If the hair is frequently exposed to too much heat, this causes hair to dry up and will cause brittleness and split-ends.

What types of best Hair Dryer are there?

What types of best Hair Dryer are there?There are 2 types which are Cordless or battery-operated hairdryer and the other one which is wired or electric hairdryer.

There are 4 types of hair dryers according to the materials used.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Heating material used can either be ceramic or Nichrome. Dries hair quickly but not intended for short or thin hair types.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Emits both negatively charged ions and infrared heat. Tourmaline is a multicolored mineral such as gemstone. Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric material wherein when force is applied to such mineral it creates an electric charge. Tourmaline hair dryers are the safer type of hair dryer as it generates heat gently and equally and it gives off heat safe for hair and causes less damage. One more positive information about this hairdryer is that it heats 50 percent faster than both ionic and ceramic hair dryers. Well advised to be used for thick and frizzy hair but less for thin and short hair.

Ceramic or Porcelain Hair Dryer

Considered safer to use because of its ceramic clay or porcelain material which provides even heating and will not cause damage to hair.
Ceramic hair dryers emit negatively charged ions, which is the best thing because it heats quick and thus provides even heating at the end of the nozzle. Suitable for styling and drying any hair type. It provides a shinier, silky, and smoother hair.

Titanium Hair Dryer

The heating coil was made of titanium metal. This hairdryer is quicker than the previously mentioned hair dryers. Not advised to be used for small and thin hairs as it will easily damage those hair types. It is easy to use because it is also lightweight.

This is what we check in Hair Dryer Reviews

This is what we check in Hair Dryer ReviewsThere are four aspects we need to look at and examine such as the material used for the product, longevity, price, and affordability, and the cleaning process. You may check below.


We reviewed and examined the materials used in different hair dryers. There are different heating materials used among the products and has different heating time and various heating capacities.


The hairdryers were said to be durable, longevity will depend on the frequency of use and how the hairdryers are maintained.


We also did some reviews on the price and most are affordable, all boasting of durability and high-quality for the price.


The cleaning was said to be basic as we found out that usual maintenance is needed now and then e.g. brushing of hair dryers to remove dust or dirt build up if any. The best way to maintain the hairdryer is by keeping it away from moisture and keep its cords safe.

Buying the Best Hair Dryers

Buying the Best Hair DryersIt is now easy to buy products as it is also available when you shop in-store or if you like to buy online. There are ways on how you can purchase the best product and it is right at your fingertips. Since it is now easy to get online and check reviews, you have many options now. There would probably be dozens of customer reviews on the net you can take time to read through. You can make a comparison via the opinions of others. This will be an immense help to assist you in deciding.


You can go to any store and have a look at the unique brands and styles available and from there make a comparison by checking each.
Check the quality of the hairdryer you will be buying.

  • Ask if it is a heavy-duty or usual type of hair dryer, it will depend on where you will use the hairdryer – personal use or business. Best to ask the seller if ever you have questions.
  • Compare price. You may need to make a comparison of the price cause some hairdryers cost more than others. While there are affordable hair dryers with the same quality features, there are hairdryers that are expensive but also paired with high technology. so always compare prices and ask around.
  • Check the warranty. Will you be able to have it replaced for a brand new one or if they can repair it for you with no added fees?


Check reviews first. Since you are already online, best to examine the reviews about the different hairdryers available in the market. You will also see the impressions and criticisms made by those who purchase each type of hairdryer. This will help you in deciding.

You may ask the customer service for information about the model and make of the hairdryer you found online. Customer service will be more than willing to help you and will provide the needed information you are requesting.

Since it is online, you may need to be more careful in choosing the hairdryer you will purchase. Always ask for the specs and the price. You may also ask for recommendations, or what the seller can suggest.
You should always have a price range in mind so that when the quality of the hair dryer you are looking for is too expensive, you can ask for the next lower-priced model but also have the same choice qualities.

Ask about the warranty. Is it included? Will the seller replaced the delivered product if you found it not working? They should have an appropriate answer to such questions.

Payment. What mode of payment are they accepting?

Delivery. You should ask them if you need to pay for the delivery or if they will deliver it free.

FAQ about Best Hair Dryer

What is a battery-operated hairdryer?

What is a battery-operated hairdryer?Are hairdryers that are mostly used outdoors. It is cordless and at the same has rechargeable lithium batteries.

What are the advantages of a cordless hairdryer?

We can still use it even with no electricity, it is portable, it can be used anywhere, low wattage. Compared to a wired hairdryer, cordless only has a specific length of time you can use it and will depend if it is fully charged as well. But in comparison to the corded hairdryer, both have an advantage.

Is there a difference between expensive and cheap hair dryers? Some hair dryers boast of high technology used in the manufacture or that they have ionic technology used and a good warranty. You can buy anything that is in between the price range, always look for a hairdryer that will serve your specific needs.

What are the things I should consider before buying a hairdryer?

You should check the wattage of the hairdryer. It will also depend on your hair type, length, and texture. The higher wattage your hairdryer has, the hotter air it will give off. High watts are best for long, curly or thick hair.

  • Speed settings – get a hairdryer with 3 heat settings because by having so, you can control the heat you will need for every hair type.
  • Cord length – consider the length of the cord cause when you compare it with other models, some have a shorter cord which may give you a hard time when you use it.
  • Types of technology used – tourmaline, ceramic, ionic, or titanium.
  • Attachments – best to buy a hairdryer with diffuser nozzles and those with concentrator nozzles.

Does the weight of the hairdryer matter?

Does the weight of the hairdryer matter?Weight of the hairdryer should also matter most especially if you have a small hand or cannot lift a heavy hairdryer for a longer period while you are drying your hair. This is where you need to make a comparison with other hair dryers in the market and best to get the one that you can easily handle.

What hair products should I use together with my hairdryer to reduce damage?

You may use a detangling spray so it will not take much time to hair dry your hair, you may also apply a heat protectant for hair.

How do I maintain my hairdryer?

Clean your hair dryer once in a while and should remove the attachments or filter to dust off the dirt. Likewise, check the cord or wire.

What are the safety rules in a hairdryer?

There are different safety rules to follow with a hairdryer like not leaving your hairdryer unattended while it is turned on, keeping the cord and plug away from any hot surface, making sure that it is already cool before storing it, keeping your hair dryer away from the wet surface or away from moisture, making sure that wires are not frayed, always check for any signs of damage.

How to know if my hairdryer is damaged?

  • It is taking a long time to heat, and it is not blowing enough air to dry your hair.
  • There is an unfamiliar sound coming from the hairdryer.
  • Hairdryer seems to rattle or shake while in use.
  • The unit seems to be too hot while in use.

Which hair dryer do you think will last longer?

Which hair dryer do you think will last longer?If you review every hairdryer, each boasts of durability and longevity. There are reasons some hairdryers last longer than others sometimes may be caused by how you use it, if you are maintaining the hairdryer or if you are just letting it lying around collecting dust and dirt.

How long should a hairdryer last?

A hairdryer should last around 5 years and the most would be 7 years.

What are the top 10 hair dryers in the market today?

  1. Nano Titanium Hair Dryer (BabyLissPro)
  2. D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer (Remington)
  3. One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer (Revlon)
  4. Ultra-Light Pro Hair Dryer (Harry Josh Pro Tools)
  5. Ionic-Gold Fusion Professional HairDryer (Formawell Beauty X Kendall Jenner)
  6. GrapheneMX Brushless Professional Hair Dryer (Bio Ionic)
  7. Ultra Smooth Pro Hair Dryer (Cricket)
  8. Turbo Max Ionic Dryer (Instyler)
  9. Supersonic Hair Dryer (Dyson)
  10. 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer (Revlon)


There are already plenty of hair dryer models in the market that are considered of high technology already boasting of slim, lightweight, and advanced features.
It will still end up on what you want personally, how you will use it, where you will use it, and would still depend on your current needs and preference for a hairdryer. One thing I can further say is – happy hunting!